30 June 2010

*Lace top, charity shop, 50p *White belt, charity shop, 50p *Cross, my mother's *Denim shorts, DIY *Satchel, charity shop, £5.99
Oh my fucking goodness I passed my National Diploma in Art and Design with higher grades than I ever expected! I'm not sure if all of you know the grading scheme, so basically the grades are pass, merit and distinction, with distinction being the highest. I recieved two distinctions and a merit, I just honestly can't believe it! I think that just proves that it's not about quantity, it's about quality. And also putting a lot of heart and meaning into your work really does pay off. I don't think it's going to sink in until I recieve my certificate in a couple of months, though with me and my worrying self I'm scared that I may have been given the wrong results, hehe. I'd like to say thank-you for all of your support and for commenting on my final piece. So, moving on to my little floral giveaway. The winner is Iris from The Fashion Diary of a Frenchie in London. Congratulations, lovely! Please may you send me your address as soon as, so I can pop your prizes in the post! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Check out Jen's blog, A Little Bird Told Me, for the results of last week's Wardrobe Wonderings, where I have been featured alongside other bloggers to showcase our cheapest, chicest outfits! P.P.S I'm a tad behind on replying to comments, sorry!

29 June 2010

Here is another of the wonderful pieces I was kindly sent by Erika and Cat from Funk Rock. I completely adore this Tinkerbell Dress (in nude) from the Love Struck collection, it's ever so pretty and delicate, plus the shape is so girly and fun. The layered skirt has so much movement, hence why I chose to wear it on such a windy morning! I also couldn't resist taking some jumping shots in my bedroom to capture the flowing layers of chiffon, which I throughly enjoyed, hehe! I was planning to wear it with some knee highs, but the dress is ever so slightly see through and a tad short on me (curse my long legs!), so I put on my trademark polka dot tights to save myself from any embarrassment!

I'd like to giveaway one of the dresses I was sent to one of my lovely followers! The dress on offer is a Bridget Vest Dress in pink, is a size S/M and will fit up to a size ten. The giveaway is open internationally, and all you have to do to be entered is to comment on this post! I will then randomly select a winner tomorrow evening, and will send the dress out to the winner with a few little added extras within the next few days!

Oh, and make sure you check out Funk Rock's website! They have free delivery in the UK on all orders over twenty-five pounds, and if you register now you will be entered into a prize draw to win a fifty pound voucher to spend online! Also, thank-you for all of the sweet comments I recieved on my previous post, I'm so proud of what I have achieved as I put a lot of heart and meaning into my artwork, I'm so glad you all like it too! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Don't forget to vote on my seasons poll on the right!

28 June 2010

Do you ever feel like you don't want to do another post because you're loving your previous one so much? That's how I feel right now, I completely adore the outfit I wore yesterday, I just don't want to cover it up! Hehe. Anyway, I get my college results on Wednesday, so I think now is the perfect time to show you my final piece. I hope you aren't disappointed after the somewhat large build up! I'm ridiculously proud of what I have achieved, I can't wait to hang it up in my bedroom and continue adding more elements to it over the Summer. The colours are slightly more light and airy than in real life, because of the way it's been edited, but I just think that adds to the effect. Enjoy!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on my work, and if you have any questions I'd really love to answer them! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Please click here for more information on my artwork.

27 June 2010

Today is the hottest day of the year, and my god I felt it, so obviously a Starbucks Cafe Creme Frappuccino was in order, hehe. I debuted my new, well old, tie dye maxi dress I recently picked up in my favourite charity shop for just three pounds. I lusted after it for weeks, but I decided against buying it as I didn't think it would suit me, but I eventually gave in. Isn't is lovely? And bang on trend, if I say so myself, hahaa. It's a tad short for me, so it looks a little weird if I wear it loose, so I teamed it with my fifty pence charity shop belt. I also wore my Primark brogues, Asos lace socks, and my free car boot handbag. I would have love to have worn a few accessories, but I am just so useless at accessorizing! Any tips you may have of what I could add to this outfit for next time would be lovely.

I went to my primary school's Summer Fair with my mum today, which is also where she works. We didn't win much on the raffle this year, but we got a few cute bits and bobs. I also found the most lovely navy blue, leather personal and business planner from 1987 complete with all the paper and sections for just forty pence. It also still has the original price tag on, which would have costed £69.99 back then. We got home just in time for the England match. I guess you watched it too? It was rather disappointing, but I'm still so pissed off by the goal which was clearly in. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the atheletics that will be on in a bit. I just adore atheletics, I used to want to be an athelete, you know. When I was 12/13. I trained at Herne Hill Harriers (you may see some who are from the team today, just look out for stripy black and red vests!) twice a week and also went to the gym twice a week. I did this for two years, but I quit because it just got too much for me and I didn't think I could 'make it'. My events were the 1500m, 800m, and cross country. I also stepped in for long jump and 100m relay. I like to think I was rather good, very dedicated anyway. My best times for 1500m was 5:30, and my best for 800m was 2:30, which I am still very proud of. I'm extremely unfit now, though. It's just so, so bad. I really would like to get fit again, tone myself up. I haven't actually exercised in years, shame on me. Is there anything you used to do when you where younger which you wished you'd continued with? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I recently got a twitter account, you can follow me here. P.P.S. Another giveaway when I reach 200 followers? I think so!

25 June 2010

Hello, lovelies! I hope that most of you are enjoying this weather, because I am certainly not! I felt so hot and trampy seconds after I left my flat and once again so many people were looking at my legs. I seriously need to get a top what says 'naturally skinny', does anybody want to make me one? Haha! Anyway, my mood soon changed when I went to Next to spend my thirty pound voucher I was kindy gifted with. I walked into the branch in Putney, and literally bought the first thing I saw, which was this gorgeous grey lace jacket. I think I might actually be in love! This jacket is so pretty, will match practically everything in my wardobe and will last me through all four seasons (if you haven't already, please vote on my season poll to the left, I'd love to know your answers!). It was thirty-two pounds so I only had to pay two pound cash, what a bargain! Goodness, it's going to be even hotter this weekend, what are your plans? I'm just going to relax at home tomorrow, then on Sunday I'll be going to my primary school's Summer Fair. My mum and I won oh so much on the raffle last year, we spent about ten pounds on tickets in total and as we could pick what prizes we wanted, we came home with many brilliant things, including lots of alcohol, YSL Opium and an Agent Provocateur gift set! Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you do. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I won another competition today, I honestly can't believe my luck! Plus my mum topped up my Starbucks card with five pounds which was just so kind of her. Mmm, Cafe Creme Frappuccino, yum. P.P.S. I get my college results next Wednesday, wish me luck!

24 June 2010

I have been lusting after pretty dresses and floral patterns for some time now, as the majority of my clothes are black, grey and white, so when the lovely Erika and Cat from Funk Rock emailed me last week asking if I would like to try some of the pieces from their two brands, Love Struck and Funk Rock, I just couldn't refuse. I'm so grateful, as I don't have that many clothes and because of my confidence issues I have a very limited style, but the pieces I have kindly been sent are just a wonderful addition to my wardrobe. Today I wore the Love Struck Issy dress in green, simply teaming it with a Primark belt (what do you think about they way I looped it at the front? I thought about cutting it as it's just so big, but I rather like it) and knee high socks. This dress is just so light, perfect for this horribly hot weather, and I adore the colourful ditzy floral pattern. The Issy dress comes in three vintage inspired designs, but this pattern is definately my favourite. So, are you enjoying this weather? I'm not personally, I'm just not a great summer dresser. I think Autumn is my season, to be honest, what's yours? Actually, I think I may do a poll on my side bar, so make sure you vote! I can't believe it's now Summer, this past year have gone so quickly. I remember this time last year so clearly, me and my mum watched Wimbledon solidly, as we were both bed bound by what she believes was swine flu, ha! Isn't the game between Mahut and Isner just crazy? Oh my, it's been going on forever! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Thank-you for all of your wonderful comments on my previous post regarding that horrible man, I'm feeling much better now. P.P.S Check out Jill's latest post 'stay cool' for another, yes another, picture of me in a Rare dress, hehe. EDIT: The match has just finished, it lasted an amazing eleven hours and five minutes. Fucking hell. They are both winners, wouldn't you agree?

22 June 2010

*Grey t-shirt, £1.50, H&M *Floral Warehouse skirt, £2, charity shop *Leather belt, 50p, charity shop *Jaeger Alberta handbag, free, competition win *Large Cafe Creme Frappuccino, Starbucks. Once again, I'm so pissed off about people saying such mean things about my weight. A man said to me earlier in utter disgust 'cor man, eat a few burgers or something!'. It's possible to be naturally skinny, you know. It's not my fault I'm so lanky and awkward, ha. Anyway, hasn't the weather been lovely today? I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I'm so craving a McDonalds burger right now! P.P.S. I actually spend way too much money in Starbucks, I spend more on my drinks than I do on my clothes! So, what are your weaknesses? I'd love to know! EDIT: My mum just bought me a McDonalds hamburger happy meal, so fuck you, mean man! Hahaha. EDIT: It was oh so tasty, it's a shame that the free toy was pretty rubbish, though.

21 June 2010

I've been in desperate need of some oversized tees lately, so I snapped this lovely pair up for £3 in H&M. There are just so may ways I could style these; as a dress, tucked in, layered, rolled up sleeves, tied to the side etc, so I think I have got myself quite a bargain! I also bought a lovely tie dye dress from my local charity shop for £3, which is similar to what I have seen in New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Asos. It's not very flattering as a long dress so I shall be cutting it and I'll show you the results when I'm done! Have any of you lovelies found any bargains recently? I also treated myself to a Starbucks Cafe Creme Frappuccino, try one of you haven't already, they are seriously delicious. But be warned, they are highly addictive! Oh, please visit Polka Dot for a post featuring me in the gorgeous Rare ballerina dress. Also, visit NikkiSunshine, as I have been featured on Nikki's 'Follow Friday' post! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Click on the images for better quality, I don't know what is wrong with Blogger, all of my photographs have been looking so bad lately!

20 June 2010

my art, my inspiration

So, I've been promising you lovelies for ages that I would show you my final art piece (which is currently in my college exhibition), but I thought I would first share with you some of my ideas, inspirations and developmental processes behind it, perhaps over a few posts. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you'd like to know more, and I shall reply to them on this post!

I was very inspired by how the assemblage artist, Joseph Cornell, juxtaposed found objects throughout his artwork and how textile artist, Natasha Kerr, incorporated old family photographs into her work, so I went to my local car boot sale hoping to find some old photographs and letters that I could perhaps use in my final piece. Luck was definately on my side, I came home with the most beautiful collection of letters and photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries. It felt rather sad, to see these just dumped in a plastic box, so I shall definately be treasuring them for as long as I can. I'm owning pieces which were so personal to other people many years ago, so I am so happy that some pieces will be given a second life through my artwork. The postcard is my favourite piece I bought, the writing is just so lovely. If you click to enlarge the first image above, you may be able to read what is says, though I shall write it as a comment for those who are having difficulty.

When I was first given my final art brief, I knew that I wanted to create a fine art/textile piece inspired by the Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition at the V&A please do visit if you haven't already!), so I photocopy transferred the postcard onto calico, which I had previously stained with coffee to recreate a wonderful discoloured, aged effect. I attached a rusty button I bought for a penny in my local charity shop, then I handstitched it onto a plain piece of calico. I photocopy transferred many of the other letters and photographs, but this one definately came out the best. It was meant to just be a sample to keep in my sketchbook, but I loved it so much I ended up using it in my final piece. I hope you all understand my work as sometimes I find it rather hard to explain and describe things. Love, Jazzabelle. EDIT: Blogger kept messing up with my picture layout, so I have had to edit the top the pictures together, unfortunately they are a lot smaller - sorry!

18 June 2010

Oh my goodness, I've been dotted by the wonderful Jill at Polka Dot! I am truly honored, and I would like to thank everybody for the most sweetest, kind-hearted comments I have ever read. As you know, I lack a great deal of confidence and self esteem, and though a post can't magically give me confidence or make me feel beautiful (though I do think I look rather pretty in the right photograph), it has certainly made me want to get over my issues, as people really do love me for who I am. Okay, so this sounds awfully cliche, but it's true. Thank-you once again, everybody. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. These pictures were taken at the Rare blogger event, don't you just love the blue wedge? P.P.S. Please visit my friend Christine's blog, Dress up, Glam it up! She's new to the blogging world, just like I used to be, hehe.

17 June 2010

jazzabelle and jazzpad, at the v&a

So, earlier on today I met the lovely Claire from Jazzpad on her lunch break to have a little picnic in the V&A gardens, which was just wonderful. She's been in London for the last two weeks on an amazing work experience placement (hence her smart attire), right around the corner from the V&A, so it was just a perfect place to meet. The weather was sweet, the conversation was brilliant, it's just a shame that we only had an hour to squeeze everything in! We had a quick look around the Grace Kelly exhibition (oh how I love my membership), then we went our separate ways. I really do hope to see you again, Claire! I'm wearing my gifted Rare dress as a top, tucked into my DIY shorts, my Primark sunhat and a belt I picked up for 50p in my favourite charity shop. I'm feeling really tired now, and I have a load of artwork left to do over the weekend. College is nearly over, oh my. I just cannot wait for summer! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Oh my goodness, I have just been dotted by Jill at Polka Dot, please check out the post here. P.P.S Check out Saskia's latest post on Not Just Medical for more pictures from the Rare blogging event! P.P.P.S. Hahaha, please do excuse my sleepy eyes in the picture above, I look hilarious!

16 June 2010

Here are a few more photographs I took at the Rare A/W10 blogger event. I adored the Opulence at Rare collection, the clothes were so beautiful, with soft tones and fabrics and girly, feminine shapes. Along with the pretty ballerina dress below, I was also drawn to a delicate pink chiffon drape skirt, which was just so comfortable to wear. Many pieces in the collection appeared to have been inspired by roses, with layers of thin fabric, flowing dresses, organic shapes, rosettes and lots of detailing. Which is rather weird actually, as this collection instantly reminded me of my final art piece, which I just managed to finish with seconds to spare at my college exhibition yesterday, hehe. Thank-you for all of your support, I am so proud of my work, I promise I shall do a post on it soon! Doesn't Daniela from Couture & Crumpets look wonderful? I love what she wore yesterday. We had so much fun playing dress up, check out Abi's post for some snaps of us modelling the clothes. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Once again I am in such an amazing place in my life right now, thank-you for everyone who has helped me get to where I am. P.P.S. Just a little shout out for my dear friend Shana-Kaye, it's her eighteenth birtday today! P.P.S. Plus another shout out to my friend, Mary. She will be showcasing her final piece at our college fashion show later! EDIT: Please visit Saskia's blog, Not Just Medical for another post on the wonderful press day!

15 June 2010

I was oh so nervous as I reached Rare's A/W blogger event; I was hot and bothered after getting lost, the wind had completely ruined my hair and my makeup had melted off. Basically I looked like a complete tramp, ha. But when I arrived I was welcomed by the lovely Almina (thank-you for inviting me) and her colleague, whose name I can't remember (sorry!) and they made me feel really at ease. For a while I mooched around taking pictures and looking through the rails of wonderful clothes by myself, then many lovely bloggers who I recognized slowly filed in by one by one. I met Jen (doesn't she look beautiful in the picture above?)  from The Style Crusader, Saskia from Not Just Medical, Abi from I Am Abimarvel, Daniella from Couture & Crumpets and the wonderful Jill from Polka Dot. I hope I haven't forgot to mention anybody. I put practically all of my confidence issues and worries aside and had an amazing time meeting new people, playing dressup and having lovely conversations. Anyway, about the dress. Isn't it gorgeous? I felt like such a ballerina in it! It's from the Rare Opulence collection and is definately one of my favourite pieces. Rare were also extremely kind with their gift bags, check out Platform Princess' post to see the dress we were all kindly given, I can't wait to wear mine! This was just a quick post, I shall post more on the event over the next few days. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Thank-you for all your lovely comments!
*Lace top, charity shop, 50p *Grey blouse, 50p, car boot sale *Denim shirt, 50p, charity shop *Black bag, free. Good afteroon, everyone! Just a quick post today, to show you what I'm wearing. I'm still stuck in a bit of a fashion rut, so once again I have just put on my 'usual'. Though I really shouldn't call it my 'usual', Claire from Jazzpad (see you on Thursday!) has said to me on two occasions that it is my signature style. That sounds much better, wouldn't you agree? As you all probably know by now, I am a total sucker for competitions, and though I am too young to enter, I thought I'd share this one with you: Next have just launched a new modelling competition on Facebook for two winners to recieve a £2000 shoppping spree (oh my), a chance to star in a photoshoot and an introduction to leading model agency, Select. It's open to guys and girls who are eighteen and over, and who live in the UK or the Rebublic of Ireland. Click here for more information on how to enter, good luck! Anyway, I better be going, today I shall be attending a blogger event and it's the preview of my college exhibition, I'm so nervous! Love, Jazzabelle.

13 June 2010

*Elvis top, Topshop, £25 *Tea cup necklace, Super Duper Things, $9 *DIY shorts *Belt, charity shop, 50p Let's put it this way, I'm a tad obsessed with Legally Blonde the Musical, hehe. I've seen it five times since last December. I went to see it with my mum today, I won a pair of tickets a few days ago. It's actually the third pair of tickets I have won for this musical, I honestly can't believe my luck! The perfomance was amazingly energetic, funny, witty and heartwarming as expected, I just can't wait to see it again. Anyway, I have been feeling really uninspired with my outfits lately, mainly due my my lack of confidence, lack of money and lack of clothes, so I basically just put on my 'usual'. I just don't feel that the clothes I have been wearing lately express me as a person, what do you think? I long for pretty dresses, cute cardigans and simple tops. Floral patterns, polka dots, stripes, lace and silks. There is also a pair of wedges I have my eyes on in New Look, I tried them on on Thursday and it was love at first sight. I really want to get my hands on them, It will be my first pair of wedges and the first pair of heels I have ever been able to walk in, ha! Goodness, I'm really nervous for Tuesday. I'll be attending my first ever blogger event. It's in Soho, and I will be previewing Rare Fashion's A/W collection. I'm very excited, but with my worrying self, I am scared I will do something stupid, or not seem pretty or fashionable enough. I also find it hard to start conversations and make eye contact with people, so I hope I don't appear to be stuck up or rude. It's also the preview of my second year art exhibition, oh my! The last two years have gone so quickly. Wish me luck! I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you! Love, Jazzabelle.

12 June 2010

super duper afternoon tea

Yesterday I arrived home in a rather bad mood, to find a cute little package containing my first ever Etsy buy, which cheered me up instantly. I follow a lovely blog called Super Duper Things, where talented design student, Louise, posts samples of her jewellery making, amongst other things. I have lusted after many pieces from Louise's Etsy, so when she posted that she shall be giving free gifts with every purchase for one day only, I thought I better just go for it! I am a total sucker for a freebie, haha. After spending about half an hour deciding what to buy, I settled on an adorable Afternoon Tea necklace.
I opened my parcel slowly but surely to find these beauties, aren't they just wonderful? Thank-you Louise! I ordered on Wednesday and recieved it on Friday, now that's what I call an amazing service. The Afternoon Tea necklace is exactly what  I was hoping for, and I also recieved a Lucky Coin Ten Pence Brooch and some pretty button earrings. Unfortunately my ears are no longer pierced, but I shall give them to a friend or include them in my next giveaway if that's okay with Louise.
Have any of you bought anything from Esty before? Do you have any shops you could recommend to me? Oh, and I am changing my blog layout slighty, it's ever so confusing. How does this post look? Ohh, guess where I am off to tomorrow? Only to see Legally Blonde The Musical for my fifth time! I am so excited, my mum won a pair of tickets a couple of days ago, which is crazy as in January I won two pairs of tickets in two days! I'm a tad obsessed with this musical, my mum and I listen to the album practically every day. Plus Sheridan Smith is my favourite actress, I literally couldn't speak when I met her, haha. I enter all of my competitions through Martin's Money Saver, by the way. Right, well I am off to make a cup of tea! Love, Jazzabelle.

11 June 2010

*H&M top, charity shop, 50p *Primark floral skirt, mum's *Leather belt, charity shop, 50p. Well, this is what I wore today to the V&A quilts conference, I thought I better put on some bright clothing to try and counteract my sad, grey mood. It didn't work. I'm feeling rather better now, and you'll find out why in my next two posts! The conference was pretty good, some parts where completely boring, but I have definately learned many new things. The only thing what I am disappointed about is the refreshments, we had tea and coffee, but not biscuits. Shocking, right? Hahaha. After the conference I decide to visit some exhibitions and galleries I hadn't yet explored. I wondered around The Fairyland of Flowers, The Glory Years of British Rock, and Modern Masters exhibitions. The Andy Warhol and Picasso pieces are amazing, as were the artists themselves. I also had a look around the Theatre and Performance gallery, they are exhibiting Kylie Minogue's dressing room, which was first shown at Kylie: The Exhibition in 2007. Did any of you visit the exhibition? Oh my goodness, it was amazing, definately one of my top four major V&A exhibitions, with the others being Quilts 1700-2010, Grace Kelly: Style Icon and Telling Tales. Yes, yes, I know. I'm obsessed with the V&A, If I was to ever get married I would just adore to have my reception in there, hehe. Anyway, this new layout design thing is really confusing me. It keeps uploading my photographs really weird, and I want to make my layout wider but I just don't know how to. Some help and suggestions would be so appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my dears. What have you all got planned? Love, Jazzabelle.

08 June 2010

Hasn't the weather been pretty rubbish today? Rain, sun, rain, sun, make up your mind! Well I thought this was the perfect oppotunity to debut my new Zara raincoat I recently bought from my local charity shop for £9.50. Quite a bargain, huh? I teamed it with some DIY cut offs, a sheer blouse I bought for 50p, polka dot tights, knee highs from H&M and my Topshop boots. Anyway, oh my goodness, my Grandma and I went out for our competition win meal at 222 Veggie Vegan earlier this evening, it was so wonderful! Though I am really not keen on the area, the restaurant was very clean and simple, with brilliant service. The presentation was just beautiful, the food was delicious and the meal sizes were perfect, if anything they were slightly too big! I truly recommend popping over for a meal, I shall definately be returning. Take a look at the're lovely menu, I had Pitta Dips and a Chickpea Curry (yum), whilst my Grandma had the Avocado Pomdoro and 222 Gardens, plus we shared the 222 Pancake. I did take some snaps of the food but I'm on the old laptop and nothing is loading properly. Annoying. Oh, how I am very excited for my beautifully busy week ahead! Love, Jazzabelle.

07 June 2010

beautifully busy week ahead

Hello, my dears. I have a rather busy week ahead of me, it's going to be a tad stressful but I'm very much looking forward to it. Today, my second year art class started to prepare for our final major project exhibition, which will open to the public next Wednesday, with the private viewing being held the day before. I'm a bit annoyed though, because our exhibition is to be held in our rubbish classroom, whilst another year's work gets to put up in the college gallery. I took a bit of time out earlier to pop to my favourite shop in Kingston, a gorgeous antique and vintage market. The shop is full to the brim with vintage, vintage inspired and antique furniture, clothing, jewellery and trinklets. Most of the stuff is a bit out of my price range, but there are bargains aplenty to be found, I recommend you have a little visit! Tomorrow I shall pop back to college, even though it is my day off to check out the progress and possibly hang up my frame and shelf. Then in the evening my Grandma and I will be going out for a free dinner at 222 Veggie Vegan, as a couple of weeks ago she won a £50 tab with her local newspaper (oh how we love our competitions!). On Friday and Saturday, I shall be attending a full two day Quilts conference at the V&A, which will focus on the hidden histories and the untold stories of quilts. The conference is meant to cost £92, but as I am a student I only had to pay £10, bargain! Also, as part of me attending the conference, I have been given the oppotunity to visit Natasha Kerr's (the artist who inspired my final piece) studio, which I shall visit on either Thursday or Sunday. How exciting! I wish you all a wonderful week. Love Jazzabelle.