31 July 2010

I'm taking a little break from blogging. It might be for a couple of days or weeks. I don't really know. I'll still comment on everyone's blogs, though! I feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment, so I just need to sort myself a little, and make my blog a tad better. Hopefully you'll all still be here when I get back. Feel free to leave me question on formspring, follow me on twitter or email me. Love, Jazzabelle.

28 July 2010

*Satchel, charity shop, £4 *Tortoiseshell Audrey Sunglasses, giveaway win at Pretty Much Penniless
I had my first ever shift at my favourite charity shop today, I had such a wonderful time! I'll be working every WEDNESDAY (not Tuesday, sorry, haha!) from 12:30 to 17:00, so if you are in the area come on down, hehe. Though I would really insist that you pop by in the next few days, I have never seen so many clothes in stock! I don't have the confidence to get a proper job yet, but already I feel more comfortable working in a retail enviroment, I just can't wait for next week now, though I'm sure I'll pass by before then to buy a few more clothes! At first I was really shy to ask the lovely lady, Vicky, I work with if I could keep stuff back for me, but before I could ask she told me to go around at pick what I'd like. I ended up with a faux leather tulip skirt, a Harvard tee and two pairs of shorts. They would have cost me a total of £3.50, but Vicky told me to ring it through the till at only a pound, how kind of her?! Anyway, I thought I'd make this post quite charity shop related so below I'll be answering some of the questions from my previous post. Please do share your answers to these questions too, or comment with any more questions on charity and car boot shopping you may have and I'll reply below! I'll be answering the rest of the questions over the next week or so. Here we go...

Where are your favourite charity shops in London?
To be honest, I only really ever go to the same few in the Battersea area, but I always pop into every charity shop I pass as who knows what I might find? My favourite charity shop is definately the Wandsworth Oasis on Battersea Park Road, which is literally just around the corner from my flat and is now where I am volunteering (yay!). The majority of my secondhand clothes come from there, I usually visit about three times a week, hehe. This charity shop is quite touch and go though, some pieces are a tad expensive for my liking, but they have a lovely fifty pence rail where I have previously bought clothes from Zara, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Primark, H&M, Jil Sander, New Look and vintage to name a few. They stock lots of mens shirts and hobo jumpers, dresses and skirts, baskets of belts and scarfs for around fifty pence each, plus there are also bags, shoes, jewelry, bric-a-brac and furniture. I would really recommend that you search 'charity shops in London', or a more specific area or road into Google maps, It's really a great way of discovering new charity and junk shops!

Do you have any tips for haggling and cheap buying?
I personally don't like to haggle in charity shops, even the ridiculously expensive ones (ten pounds for a Primark top, no thank-you!), as it's for charity and all, so I would recommend that you get to know the people working in the shops. That way they will start to know what your style is and point out pieces they think you will like, hold stuff back for you, give you discounts and even stuff for free! It's great fun haggling at car boot sales, though. The most important thing is to have lots of change in various pockets on you and in your bag, if you carry notes with you then the sellers will know you have more money and may try and rip you off. I tend to pick something up that I want, ask how much it is and if the price is too high then I'll put it back down, nine times out of ten they will immediately reduce the price, if not don't be afraid to ask if you can have it for less! Sellers usually reduce their prices even more near the end of the car boot sale as they don't want to take everything back home, so hang around as I have often seen clothes that where £2 at the beginning of the day be reduced to 20p near the end. 

What is your favourite charity shop find?
Oh, now this is a difficult question! I actually can't think of one top charity shop find, I have quite a few but my mind changes practically every day, so here is a list of my favourite bargains which have been seen on my blog to date: tie dye dress for £3, hobo jumper for 50p, satchel for £4, vintage bag for 10p, floral skirt for £2, denim shirt for 50p, zara raincoat for £9.50, lace vest for 50p, zara plum dress for £7.50.

24 July 2010

*Tie Dye dress, charity shop, £3 *Cardigan, H! by Henry Holland, £6 *Satchel, charity shop, £5.99 *Leather boots, Topshop, £60
Goodness, sorry for such a photo filled post, I can usually narrow my outfit photographs down pretty well, but I just couldn't decide! This is what I wore yesterday, when I met Iris from The Fashion Diary of a Frenchie in London (have a peek at the post below if you haven't already). I just adore my new cardigan, I've been after a oversized black one for ages, so I was over the moon when I found this, I could literally wear it everyday, hehe. Have you got an item of clothing which you just want to live in at the moment? I'm going back down to Bournemouth until Monday evening, so I shall not be posting until Tuesday. I've always wanted to do a little question and answer post, so I thought now would be the perfect time for you to comment with your questions. I like to know about the people behind the blogs I read, and though I try to be as open and as honest as I can on my blog, I'd love for you to ask me any questions you might have, whether to do with my life, style, blog, inspirations, anything really! Just make sure they're good, hehe. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Love, Jazzabelle.
I met up with the wonderful Iris from The Fashion Diary of a Frenchie in London yesterday. We are both huge lovers of the Victoria and Albert Museum (we are both members of the CreateVoice youth forum, thank-you once again for getting me involved, Iris!), so it was the perfect place to meet. We briefly looked around the new Peter Rabbit exhibition, sat outside the steps of the V&A for a while, then popped to the adorable Lula magazine pop up store in Harvey Nichols. I've never actually read Lula before, but it's Iris' favourite magazine and I now see why she loves it. I think I may have to treat myself the latest copy and spend a couple of hours looking through the beautiful images. I only really read Vogue at the moment, I've got quite a collection now! I've got an issue from 1975 which I bought at my local car boot sale for only £2, it's amazing to see how the magazine and fashion has developed over the years. Just a little post, I'm feel rather tired at the moment. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Sorry for not posting any pictures from my little trip to Brighton, it just wasn't my day for photographing or being photographed, and as you may have noticed I am rather particular about the pictures I post on my blog. I had lovely day, though!
P.S. I totally forgot to mention we also had a little look in the Grace Kelly exhibition whilst at the Victoria and Albert, Museum, hehe.

22 July 2010

*Hobo jumper, charity shop, 50p *Lace hair bow, Claire's, £4.50 *Satchel, charity shop, £4 *Cardigan, H! by Henry Holland, £6 I'm feeling pretty darn good today, I hope you all are too! Though I'm feeling slightly sick, as I got a tad drunk with my friend Mary last night, hehe. So, guess where I'm off to now? Brighton! I am sure the fresh air and the wonderful vintage shops will do me the world of good. My dear friend Elizabeth is driving us down, I haven't seen her in a couple of months so it will be lovely to catch up! If any of you bloggers live in Brighton, tweet me at 'jazzabellediary' and we could possibly arrange something? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S Ohh, I should have some exciting news to tell you on Tuesday, if all goes to plan! Please wish me luck! P.P.S. Thank-you for all of your sweet comments on my previous post, I'm an extremely emotional and sentimental person, all of your comments really made me smile. Catch up with you all later, bye-bye!

20 July 2010

*H! by Henry Holland maxi dress, £28 *White leather belt, charity shop, 50p *Vintage bag, car boot sale, free.  Yes, you have indeed seen this photograph before, but I'm posting it again as I have just noticed that I accidently deleted my birthday post from Thursday. I know it's my own fault, but I'm just so upset. All of my wonderfully sweet birthday comments. Gone. I've been feeling really unconfident, ill and tired for the last couple of days, and this has just happened to be the thing to make me rather emotional. I'm sorry for such a rubbish post, I promise to be back with a better one soon. Thank-you reading, following and commenting on my blog, it means so much to me. Love, Jazzabelle.

18 July 2010

*Primark blouse, charity shop, £1.25 *Topshop cardi, charity shop, £1 *Satchel, charity shop, £4 *Cameo and lace brooch, Topshop, £3 Here's the bargain satchel that I bought yesterday, I am oh so glad my mum and I went out, otherwise I would never of got my hands on this little beauty. It's the perfect colour, size and shape. I love it! Anyway, I'm feeling rather sick, so this is just a small post. I'm off to make myself a peppermint tea and have a few of my delicious V&A Ginger Crunch biscuits. Have a lovely evening, everyone. Love, Jazzabelle.

17 July 2010

Here are a few more photographs from my birthday on Thursday, I'm standing in one of the pieces from the new Architects Build Small Spaces exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This beautiful structure, titled Ratatosk, can be found in the John Madejski Garden. I adore the organic shapes and juxtaposition of the smoothly cut and natural textures of this piece. I also love the fact that you can touch and interact with all of the pieces in this exhibition, which have been dotted all around the museum. I haven't exlpored all of the structures, but oh my, there is the most wonderful wooden tower, titled Ark, which I shall go into detail about another day! This exhibition has free admission for all, so I recommend you have a visit, and perhaps pop by the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition whilst you're there.

Me and my dear friend Shana-Kaye, in the V&A gift shop, which is truly an exhibition in itself! Neither of us told each other what we were wearing prior to meeting up, so I think it was rather wonderful that we both ended up wearing the same colours of black, grey and silver.
Here's what I wore today, you have seen most of it before, except the men's tee from Primark, Asos over the knee stripe tights, and a Starbucks tumbler, all birthday gifts from my mum. My mum and I only popped out to do the charity shop run and treat ourself to a Starbucks, as we were both feeling very lazy, I ended up buying a lovely satchel in my favourite charity shop for four pounds and a vintage St Michael lingerie lace vest for a pound. I'm off the the V&A tomorrow (surprise, surprise) to attend a meeting, more on that tomorrow! Love, Jazzabelle. 

16 July 2010

I'm in love with my new Henry Holland dress. I'm in love with my new Henry Holland dress. I'm in love with my new Henry Holland dress. Need I say more? Hehe. Thank-you for all of your sweet words on my previous post, twenty-eight comments, I'm actually a tad overwhelmed! I really did have such a lovely day! Starbucks, The Victoria and Albert Museum, my dear friend Shana-Kaye, family, yummy food, flowers and a new dress, what more does a simple girl like me need? I may post more on my birthday later, but I'm going through a moment of self doubt, wondering whether I post too many pictures or information about myself. I'd hate to come across at vain, as I like to think I'm quite the opposite. What do you think about this, do you ever wonder what your readers or passers by may think of you and your blog? Oh yes, please visit my Uncle's new blog, here. He's very talented! Love, Jazzabelle.

12 July 2010

*Floral Warehouse skirt, charity shop, £2 *White belt, charity shop, 50p *Denim shirt, charity shop, 50p *Bandeau, Portugal, €1. I know you have probably seen similar outfits to this so many times on my blog, but I only popped out to do my charity shop run today, plus most of my clothes are waiting to be washed from my week in Bournemouth. I decided to attempt to wear a bandeau, what do you all think? It take some getting use to, not wearing a bra, ha. So, I have been asked quite often where I go charity shopping, and the answer is Battersea Park Road, just around the corner from my flat. Here is the main charity shop I go to, the one with my favourite (but touch and go) fifty pence rail. My mum and I have bought some fabulous things in this charity shop (including my skirt, shirt and belt above), so I recommend you pop by, visit the other local charity shops, then stop of at Il Mohino for a hot chocolate and a slice of banana cake. Love, Jazzabelle.

double denim at the beach.

*Denim shirt, charity shop, 50p *DIY denim shorts *DIY vest *White belt, charity shop, 50p *Knee highs, H&M *Brogues, Primark, £8
I went to the beach again yesterday, the weather was just perfect. I had such a wonderful time. I'm back home in London now, oh how I wish I never had to leave Bournemouth. Just a little post for now, I shall be blogging lots over the next couple of days, though. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. This photograph and outfit totally reminds me of my first proper attempt at double denim. Which look do you all prefer?

06 July 2010

*Vintage polka dot dress, charity shop, £3 *White belt, charity shop, 50p *Sunhat, Primark, £3 *Vintage bag, car boot sale, free. I did indeed feel like a proper lady today, with my polka dot dress below the knee, clinched in at the waist, sunhat and vintage bag. This is one of the dresses I bought yesterday, I'm in love! I adore polka dots and pretty collars, so how could I not buy it? My auntie and I felt like matching today (because we are cool like that, or not, you decide), she also bought her sheer Asos dress in a charity shop yesterday for only £1.70! We had such a lovely time at the beach today, I can't remember what it was called, but the water was just so clear and warm! Okay, maybe not this clear because of the editing effect I always use, but nevertheless it was beautiful! So after the beach we got some ice lollies, went into town, got a Mcdonalds burger (argh, I've gotta stop eating so much junk food, it's quite disgusting!) and then walked back to where we parked the car. Along the way back we decided to trek through a forest, which resulted in us tripping over many times, getting severely out of breath (I'm so darn unfit!) and nearly falling down a steep hill, hehe. Anyway, right now I'm eating mint choc icecream sprinkled with crumbled chocolate cookies (yesterday we had chocolate bourbons, yum) and my little cousins, uncle and I are off to the local park to play football. I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday, what have you all been up to? Love Jazzabelle.

05 July 2010

I'm not happy with how I look in these pictures, as my hair looks completely fucked because of the wind (though to be honest, my hair always looks pretty darn rubbish, ha) and my face looks rather weird, but these photos are just too wonderful not to show you. They were taken by my little cousin, Kyron, who's nine years old. I hired him as my photographer for the day. You can see his reflection in the second picture, hehe.
I'm wearing a Primark polka dot blouse I bought earlier today for £1.25, isn't it cute? I just wore it with a bra underneath, I love to be demure but a tad daring at the same time. I'm also wearing a Primark peach cardigan I got for 50p in my favourite charity shop and Primark brogues. Wow, that's a lot of Primark, ha! The floral Wendy Skirt is another piece that was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Funk Rock. Oh yes, and here is the 10p vintage bag I mentioned in my previous post in all of it's glory! Definately one of my top bargains. Love, Jazzabelle.
Here is a sneak peak of what I picked up in the local charity shops in Bournemouth earlier today; two long dresses, a sheer blouse, a belt and a little vintage bag. There is a lovely charity shop with a ten pence table, were my auntie spotted the gorgeous black bag for me, similar to the plum bag I used to always wear. What a bargain! Have any of you found any bargains recently? Love, Jazzabelle.

04 July 2010

Yesterday my family and I had the most wonderful day, we had a little gathering at my uncle's house in Kent, which was lovely. There was plenty of food, sun and laughter, and at the end of the day my uncle got out his old projector so we looked through a load of old family photographs. It was embarrassing but nostalgic for everybody, many of the pictures were just so embarrassing, hehe! Some of us then drove back to London, whilst the sun was setting, the views were just beautiful. Whilst in Kent me and my cousins went for a walk to the local park, so here are few of the many snaps I took, and of course a sneaky outfit post! My outfit is nothing special, you've probably seen everything before. I ended up cutting the bargain H&M tee into a vest, I was a rather bored with how it was. So, I arrived in Bournemouth this afternoon, and shall be here for the next week, so be prepared for many posts! I'm going charity shopping with my auntie tomorrow, wish me luck on my finds! There are some amazing charity shops down here. Oh yes, my poll ended yesterday with Autumn taking the lead and Spring following close behind, my two favourite seasons for dressing! Once again, I'm late replying to many of my comments, so sorry! EDIT: Little Rachael Vintage had featured me on her blog as one of her favourite bloggers, thank-you so much Rachael! Love, Jazzabelle.

02 July 2010

Here's another picture of me in my bargain three pound charity shop dress from last Sunday. I'm going to Bournemouth for a week on Sunday to spend some time with my two adorable cousins, so hopefully the next time I wear this will be on the beach! What are your plans for the weekend and for the summer? I haven't really got any set plans for the Summer yet, though I hope to fill my days exploring London and the South-West of England, having picnics, taking photographs and meeting new people. It's also my eighteenth birthday on July 15th which I am very excited for, though not because I'm turning eighteen, but simply because it's another birthday, hehe. Anyway, this is just a little post, I really ought to tidy my bedroom, it's shamefully messy right now. So I shall bid you good day, and speak to you soon! Love, Jazzabelle. EDIT: I just took this dress out the washing machine and looked closely at the stitching, I think it's handmade! How lovely is that?