31 December 2011

seasons come and go, but i will never change.

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Jumper, Topshop, £36 - Bag, car boot, £2 - Shorts, c/o Urban Outfitters - Leather boots, New Look, £42
I've been trying to write this post for so darn long, but as I'm not the best at expressing myself through writing, I'll keep it short and sweet. I'd just like to take the time to say thank-you so much to all of my family, friends and readers who have made the last twelve months so lovely, I've had such an amazing year. Of course I have had an awful lot of negative moments, but this year is definitely the year I feel have achieved the most and have felt the most confident and comfortable in myself. I'm finally starting to feel genuinely happy with my life, plus I am so humbled by all of the opportunities I have had because of my blog. I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the new year, I'm so looking forward to seeing what the next twelve months bring. Love, Jazzabelle.

23 December 2011

a peek inside my bedroom & an early christmas present.

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Hello everyone! Yes, if you probably couldn't tell from the (hopefully) improved quality of my pictures, I got a new camera as an early Christmas present! My lovely mum and dad unexpectedly gifted me with a Canon 550D a couple of days ago and I'm honestly the happiest girl in the world. Since receiving it I've been experimenting with photographing practically everything and anything, but I thought I'd share with you a few pictures I've taken around my bedroom (and err, some very posed photographs of yours truly). It's taken an awful lot to get my room to how it is, but I'm ever so happy with how it's currently looking. My room is somewhat inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, particularly the recent Cult of Beauty exhibition, plus as you can see I just adore William Morris, pretty little objects and bric-a-brac. The majority of pieces in my room are secondhand too, of course! I'll definitely be sharing with you other parts of my bedroom soon, I just can't wait to start having more of a variety of posts on here now that I have this camera! Merry Christmas, everyone! Love, Jazzabelle.

19 December 2011

a simple winter outfit & a magazine feature!

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Jumper, charity shop, 50p - Dress, charity shop, £7.50 - Bag, car boot, free - Hat & coat, c/o Clothing at Tesco - Boots, New Look, £42.
Evening all, I do hope you are all having a lovely start to your week. I'm completely in the festive mood now, I just can't wait to go down to Bournemouth to spend Christmas with my family! Apart from being tucked up in bed feelin' a little ill, I've been doing some last minute shopping and spending time with my mum around the flat listening to festive songs and making mulled wine. My mum and I have also been rather excited recently, as we have both been featured in the January issue of Company magazine!  The article is about the photographer behind the style blog and it's one of my biggest features to date, so I'm pretty darn happy I could share it with my mum. I've posted it below, a big thank-you to Amy for scanning it for me (though in the actual magazine you will see the top of my head in the first picture, hehe). I hope you enjoy reading it, it's always interesting to see how our interview answers have been altered to fit the style of the magazine. Plus isn't my mum beautiful? I'm so proud with everything I have achieved since I started blogging, thank-you for being such a big help, mum!

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting over the festive period, so Merry Christmas everyone! Love, Jazzabelle. x

12 December 2011

picture this, a day in december.

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Cardi, charity shop, £2 - Faux fur stole, charity shop, £1 - Topshop dress, car boot, £3 - Shoes, charity shop, £3 - Bag, car boot, free.
Even though I've been wearing more high street pieces recently, I adore it when I put together an outfit and it all ends up being secondhand. This outfit totals just nine pounds in all, so quite the bargain indeed if I do say so myself! I do hope you are all having a lovely December, I can't believe it's so darn close to Christmas! Love, Jazzabelle.

04 December 2011

another lovely little café in battersea.

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Why hello, everyone! I'm sure you all know that I love to spend my time in cafés, so I thought I'd share with you a lovely little place I discovered recently. Despite living in Battersea for the last eighteen years and visiting the high street most weekends, I've never really noticed this café until recently, but I'm so darn glad that I did! Costa's Barbers is just off Battersea Park Road along a little cobbled high street, where they sell an eclectic selection of antique homewares and furniture, plus sell teas, coffee and homemade cakes. Whilst the sizing of the drinks are quite small, the atmosphere and friendly owners definitely make up for that fact, my mum and I will most definitely be visiting again soon! I wore a pastel pink Topshop dress which I bought secondhand, a faux fur stole and my favourite chunky knit cardigan, which I'll be sharing with you in a proper outfit post soon! Love, Jazzabelle.

01 December 2011

and it's dark in a cold december.

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Gap silk tee, car boot, £2 - Bag, car boot, £1 - Coat & shorts, c/o Urban Outfitters - Shoes, charity shop, £3 - Stupid face below, model's own.
Happy December, everyone! December is most definitely my favourite month, I always feel so nostalgic and generally more happy at this time of year - the atomsophere in London is always so lovely. I'm pretty darn excited for Christmas too, as always! I unfortunately haven't posted as much as I'd like to recently, mainly because I've been feelin' rather pessimistic, plus my mum hasn't been about in the daytime to take outfit photographs. My mum was off work yesterday though, so after a trip to a little local café  I recently discovered, we managed to take a few pictures. I've been wearing this outfit an awful lot over the last couple of weeks, the shorts are so flattering on my body shape, plus the coat is just adorable. I do feel really girly when I wear it, it's the perfect colour for Winter, too! Just call me little red-riding hood. Love, Jazzabelle.

12 November 2011

i know a girl from a lonely street.

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Jumper, Topshop, £36 - Zara dress, charity shop, £7.50 - Bag, car boot, free - Scarf, New Look, £4.79 - Leather boots, New Look, £42.
I’m the type of person who has no problem with repeating and wearing the same outfit in the same week, so this is what I wore on both Thursday and Saturday, with the only slight changes being adding a scarf and packing flats in my bag. I adore the rich, autumnal tones of my jumper and dress together, burgundy/plum and green are by far my favourite colours at the moment. I also wore my new leather boots which are so darn lovely, though a little high for me to wear everyday. I still can't believe I spent quite so much on them, but to be fair I rarely buy myself expensive things, plus they were originally seventy pounds so I got myself somewhat of a bargain!

I've hardly been using my camera for anything other than outfit photographs in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I'd share with you a few pretty photographs I've taken on my phone recently. I'm not usually one to do close ups of my face, but here you are! I bought the cute burgundy beret from my favourite charity shop for just fifty pence the other day, so as soon as I got home I couldn't resist trying it on. I adore the colour, plus it was pretty nice to see what I looked like with a fringe again considering I've had a centre parting for the last five months now! There's also a little peep of my outfit whilst I was waiting for the bus, plus two jumpers in my favourite colours hanging up in my bedroom. And of course I had to post an obligatory photograph of a christmassy Starbucks! I'm sure you know I do like the occasional Starbucks, and right now I'm pretty much in love with the praline mocha. Love, Jazzabelle.

06 November 2011

even on a rainy day, when the shades are grey.

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Jumper, Topshop, £36 - Bag, car boot sale, free - Topshop skirt, gift - Shoes, charity shop, £3 - Coat, courtesy of Clothing at Tesco.
This jumper is by far my current favourite piece of clothing, I've worn it nearly every day since I bought it a week ago. I wouldn't usually spend so much on a jumper, but after having to return yet another pair of Topshop jeans (sigh), I thought I'd treat myself to something I've been lusting after for ages. I just adore the short sleeves and bottle green colour,  it's lovely to actually add a deep but neutral colour to my otherwise all black outfit. The pretty pastel background makes a lovely little change from my usual brick wall, too! I'm aware that this outfit is awfully similar to that in my last post, but what can I say, you know that once I find something I like I tend to stick with it for a while! Love, Jazzabelle.

29 October 2011

burgundy & black.

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Jumper, courtesy of Urban Outfitters - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Topshop skirt, gift - Shoes, charity shop, £3
Why, hello there! The last week has been pretty darn lovely to say the least - I spent a few days in Bournemouth with my family, have been spending time relaxing at home with my mum, plus on Wednesday I attended the Cosmo Blog Awards! I'm afraid I probably won't be posting about the awards due to my lack of photographs (though you can see some here, along with some videos of us after a few cocktails!), but it was ever so lovely to spend some time with my blogger friends and meet some new ones too. Thank-you so much for nominating and voting for me, I still can't believe that I made the shortlist! It means so much to me that you  like my little blog, thank-you! I'm so proud of my blog and everything I have achieved from it, and I really appreciate all of the comments and emails I receive. I'm so very humbled. Love, Jazzabelle.

19 October 2011

a simple autumn outfit.

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Gap silk t-shirt, car boot, £2 - Coat, c/o Clothing at Tesco - Faux fur scarf, charity shop, £1 - Jeans, Topshop, £36 - Heels, c/o Bertie.
Once again I've falling completely in love with Autumn - the crisp mornings, dark evenings, layering clothes, jumpers and scarfs, hot chocolate, homemade soup and roast dinners. Perfect. It's by far my favourite season, and it's also the season where I feel my style is at it's best too. I felt pretty darn autumnal and elegant in this outfit, I must say. The suede heels (which I bought using a gift card I was sent after I was featured on the Bertie blog), silk t-shirt, faux fur scarf and cape coat are all such simple, classical pieces - be prepared to see them often on my blog! 

Oh yes, have you seen the photographs of Carrie, Shini and I modelling for Tabio's Autumn campaign on their facebook page? Try and spot us on the website, too! I was pretty darn nervous about how the pictures would turn out, but I'm ever so happy with them. I actually look rather nice, too! Love, Jazzabelle.

12 October 2011

plum & houndstooth.

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Coat, c/o Clothing at Tesco - Zara dress, charity shop, £7.50 - Clutch, car boot sale, £1 - Socks, c/o Tabio - Shoes, New Look, £11.59.
Despite the fact I'm completely content in wearing my 'signature' colours of black and grey almost everyday, I'm trying to incorporate more rich tones into my outfits to add a little more colour, plum being one of my favourites. The Zara dress was bought from one of my local charity shops over a year ago (you may recognize it from my first ever outfit post!), the clutch bag is from Battersea car boot sale, whilst the socks were gifted to me after modelling for Tabio. I'm also wearing a lovely new coat which I chose from Clothing at Tesco, I just adore the boxy shape and double breasted front - I think it's really flattering for my body shape and it's the perfect coat for Autumn/Winter! What are the main colours you'll be wearing this season, and are there any colours you'd be interested in seeing me style?

Thank-you very much for all of your lovely comments and support, especially regarding the Cosmo Blog Awards! You are all so kind. Love, Jazzabelle.