29 October 2011

burgundy & black.

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Jumper, courtesy of Urban Outfitters - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Topshop skirt, gift - Shoes, charity shop, £3
Why, hello there! The last week has been pretty darn lovely to say the least - I spent a few days in Bournemouth with my family, have been spending time relaxing at home with my mum, plus on Wednesday I attended the Cosmo Blog Awards! I'm afraid I probably won't be posting about the awards due to my lack of photographs (though you can see some here, along with some videos of us after a few cocktails!), but it was ever so lovely to spend some time with my blogger friends and meet some new ones too. Thank-you so much for nominating and voting for me, I still can't believe that I made the shortlist! It means so much to me that you  like my little blog, thank-you! I'm so proud of my blog and everything I have achieved from it, and I really appreciate all of the comments and emails I receive. I'm so very humbled. Love, Jazzabelle.

19 October 2011

a simple autumn outfit.

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Gap silk t-shirt, car boot, £2 - Coat, c/o Clothing at Tesco - Faux fur scarf, charity shop, £1 - Jeans, Topshop, £36 - Heels, c/o Bertie.
Once again I've falling completely in love with Autumn - the crisp mornings, dark evenings, layering clothes, jumpers and scarfs, hot chocolate, homemade soup and roast dinners. Perfect. It's by far my favourite season, and it's also the season where I feel my style is at it's best too. I felt pretty darn autumnal and elegant in this outfit, I must say. The suede heels (which I bought using a gift card I was sent after I was featured on the Bertie blog), silk t-shirt, faux fur scarf and cape coat are all such simple, classical pieces - be prepared to see them often on my blog! 

Oh yes, have you seen the photographs of Carrie, Shini and I modelling for Tabio's Autumn campaign on their facebook page? Try and spot us on the website, too! I was pretty darn nervous about how the pictures would turn out, but I'm ever so happy with them. I actually look rather nice, too! Love, Jazzabelle.

12 October 2011

plum & houndstooth.

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Coat, c/o Clothing at Tesco - Zara dress, charity shop, £7.50 - Clutch, car boot sale, £1 - Socks, c/o Tabio - Shoes, New Look, £11.59.
Despite the fact I'm completely content in wearing my 'signature' colours of black and grey almost everyday, I'm trying to incorporate more rich tones into my outfits to add a little more colour, plum being one of my favourites. The Zara dress was bought from one of my local charity shops over a year ago (you may recognize it from my first ever outfit post!), the clutch bag is from Battersea car boot sale, whilst the socks were gifted to me after modelling for Tabio. I'm also wearing a lovely new coat which I chose from Clothing at Tesco, I just adore the boxy shape and double breasted front - I think it's really flattering for my body shape and it's the perfect coat for Autumn/Winter! What are the main colours you'll be wearing this season, and are there any colours you'd be interested in seeing me style?

Thank-you very much for all of your lovely comments and support, especially regarding the Cosmo Blog Awards! You are all so kind. Love, Jazzabelle.

11 October 2011

a little café in battersea.

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A little bit of a different post for me, I hope you appreciate the change from my usual outfit posts! I've been thinking about ways I can improve my blog, so I'm determined to start posting about things other than what I've been wearing, such as my days out and my favourite places, as well as showcase my photography - just like what I used to do when I first started Jazzabelle's Diary.

After one of my regular visits to Battersea car boot sale or rummaging in my local charity shops, my mum and I often stop by our favourite little café, Il Molino, for a hot chocolate and a slice of cake. It's such a sweet cafe, quite rustic with a lovely atmosphere (though I have to admit that the service can be a little touch and go), plus I adore the eclectic decor! Wooden tables, peeling paint, glass jars and pretty lampshades are always a winner for me. The prices of the drinks are fairly reasonable for an independent café, but the food is a little on the expensive side for me personally. They always have some delicious paninis, salads and cakes if you fancy treating yourself, though.

I popped to Il Molino with my mum yesterday afternoon and she also took some outfit shots of me, so I'll share what I wore with you in another post very soon. Do you have a favourite local cafe to visit? If so, please share! Love, Jazzabelle.

08 October 2011

black & grey.

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Jumper, charity shop, 50p - Bag, car boot, free - Shorts, c/o The Kooples - Scarf, £4.79 - Socks, £2.99 - Shoes, £11.59, all New Look. 
Deary me, can you believe it's been just over a month since I last posted? Cor blimey. I have to say that for a while I felt a little bad for not posting, but I had to remind myself that after all this is my blog and I'd rather not post for a while than to write something half-heartedly. Plus to be honest I've been feeling a little down and unconfident recently, so it's been pretty darn nice to be quite seperate from my blog and to just focus on myself. I hope you all understand!

Just to update you, since my last post I've attended London Fashion Week (where I was photographed by Vogue Italia would you believe!), modelled for Tabio's A/W campaign (which should be on the website soon) and styled the window for my local British Heart Foundation branch. I've also recently landed my first job as a freelance stylist which is pretty exciting! I'm currently working with a large publishing company who are putting together a knitwear book, where I am in charge of styling, sourcing clothes and props, plus finding the perfect locations for the shoots. The first shoot took place on Wednesday which was brilliant, even more so as I had asked Rose to be the model, it was lovely to finally meet her. Today I also took part in a short talk with Amy, Kristabel and two others on blogging at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was quite insightful.
In other news, last month I found out that Jazzabelle's Diary has made the final shortlist for this year's Cosmo Blog Awards! I honestly never expected to make the shortlist in the slightest, I really am so happy. It's so lovely to know that so many of you like and appreciate my blog, so thank-you. Even though I know I haven't been the best blogger recently, it would mean the world if you could vote for me here under the 'Best Established Fashion Blog' category. Thank-you! Love, Jazzabelle.