24 December 2012

feelin' festive.

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Jumper, charity shop, 50p - Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Bag, car boot, £1 - Coat, c/o Next - Skirt, AA, £40 - Boots, c/o Bertie. Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Yesterday really was quite the perfect day - I did all my favourite things, including wandering around Battersea Park with my mum, treated myself to some pretty flowers from a local stall on Colestown Street (one of the flower sellers even kindly took the first picture for me as my mum was a little too short to get the angle I wanted!) and stopped for a hot chocolate in Il Molino. As you can see, I of course had to take some outfit pictures in my lovely festive jumper, which I picked up for the bargain price of just fifty pence a few months ago in my favourite charity shop! I love the hints of plum and navy in the jumper, my secondhand scarf and bag compliment it perfectly. I've only worn the jumper a few times this year, though I think I'll be able to get another two or three months wear out if it until it's time to hide it away until next winter. I'm feelin' ever so happy, festive and nostalgic right now, I just can't wait until tomorrow. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Lots of love, Jazmine.

19 December 2012

it's beginnin' to look a lot like christmas.

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Shirt, charity shop, 50p - Playsuit, Topshop, gift - Coat, coutesy of Next - Bag, car boot, free - Boots, courtesy of Bertie.
I really have been gettin' into the Christmas spirit over the last couple of weeks, so on Monday I couldn't resist wearing a somewhat festive outfit and popping out with my mum to buy a mini Christmas tree! On our little trip I just had to take some pictures to share with you all, because recently I discovered Battersea Flower Station, hidden away like a secret garden on Battersea Park Road. The flower station has only been in business for three weeks, but the owners have put so much effort into creating such a beautiful place, full to the brim of pretty plants, trees and flowers (it even has a little gift shop, too!), I just know it will be around for a very long time. The team have been so kind and welcoming every time I've visited so far, I can't wait to pop by again and again throughout the seasons, hopefully to take some more outfit pictures too. 
I thought this playsuit was quite appropriate to wear so close to Christmas, the colours and tartan pattern really make this the perfect winter piece. Wearing such sheer tights probably wasn't the most sensible thing to do on such a cold day, so after starting to feel a little chilly, my mum and I stopped by our favourite local café for some treats. Afterwards we then did a spot of secondhand shopping where I found this lovely cabinet for eight pounds. Beautiful locations, an amazing park, cheap charity shops and a café serving the best hot chocolate in town - oh, how I do love living in Battersea. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, Jazmine. 

17 December 2012

modern day elegance.

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Corset, diy from £2 secondhand dress - Skirt, courtesy of Asos - Shoes, New Look, £11
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Top, courtesy of Motel - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie.
Dress, Topshop, £28 - Bag, gift from Lucy - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie.
I'm sure you all know that I really stick to my personal style and don't often experiment, but when Asos Fashion Finder asked if I'd like to style up a statement piece for their party season special, I couldn't resist - it's not often I get to prance around Battersea Park in a mesh skirt and not much else on an early December morning! Here are three of my favourite looks, I had so much fun shooting them with my mum, despite being absolutely freezing and in desperate need of a hot chocolate by the end. When I first received the skirt I knew straight away that I wanted to style it with my beautiful sequin corset for a spot of modern day elegance, of course embracing my inner Audrey! The corset actually used to be a maxi dress, which my mum bought for two pounds over twelve years ago for me to dress up as a witch for halloween, but a few years ago I cut it into top, and turned the bottom half into a skirt. I simply teamed it with a pair of black heels, plus the beautiful dappled sunlight really add to the overall look. For my second outfit I wanted to create something classic and a little sexy ( it's not often you see me in a crop top, oo-er), then my third look is slightly more casual and cuteYou can see the rest of my looks over on Fashion Finder, do let me know what you think! Love, Jazmine.

04 December 2012

chelsea girl.

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Mango jacket, car boot sale £4 - Blouse, car boot sale, £2 - Topshop jeans, gift - Boots, c/o Bertie - Bag, car boot sale, £1
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This is quite the English heritage look, I have to say. Autumnal tones, chelsea boots and a checked jacket, all surrounded by the last of the fallin' leaves in Battersea Park. The jeans, boots and jacket are all recent acquisitions and are perfect additions to my winter wardrobe - I've been wearing all of these pieces non-stop recently! I found the jacket at Battersea car boot sale for the bargain price of four pounds, it's by far one of my best finds this year. I adore the classic design and cut, just like my Barbour jacket it makes me feel ever so fancy and grown up! The British weather has of course become pretty darn awful, so I've been sporting a simple ponytail and less makeup to allow me to spend that extra fifteen minutes tucked up in bed.
You may have noticed that I've taken quite a bit of a blog break, but it's lovely to be posting again. I just generally needed to spend some time away from my blog, as I was feelin' slightly overwhelmed by it all. I've been quite busy over the last few weeks with work, along with styling another fashion/craft book which will be published in the Spring. I've also had two big features Company and The Simple Things (even though the features have been out for a while would you still be interested in me posting about them?), along with some little features in Cosmo and a couple of weekly magazines. I've also had a few lovely days off with my mum and I'm now far too excited for Christmas! I honestly can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.
 Happy December, everyone! Love, Jazmine.

01 November 2012

this is the start of something beautiful.

Lace blouse, H&M, £14.99 - Vest, New Look, £2.99 - Bag, car boot sale, free - Skirt, American Apparel,  £40 - Shoes, charity shop, £3.
“I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected it to do anything special for me, yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I had ever hoped. Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it.” - Audrey Hepburn.
I thought this quote was rather apt for how I've been feelin' lately - sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by everything that has happened since starting my little blog a couple of years ago. I've always been someone who believes in letting things in my life happen naturally as all things happen for a reason, and by doing that I really seemed to have achieved more than I could have ever hoped. With my magazine features, stylist work and modelling I've made my family proud which makes me feel unbelievably happy. To think that for half my life I was bullied for my looks and felt useless to finally becoming what I am today means ever so much. Thank-you all of your lovely comments and emails recently (particularly all of your ridiculously kind comments on my Miss Selfridge shoot!), you're the best. Love, Jazzabelle.

25 October 2012

miss selfridge project #3

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 Hello everyone, I'm rather excited to share these images with you all! A couple of months ago I was contacted by Lisa at Miss Selfridge to ask if I'd like to model their Project #3 collection alongside Stella and Amy, and I just had to say yes as it was too much of an amazing opportunity to turn down! I actually had no idea about the range until the day of the shoot, but was completely in my element as soon as I discovered that all of the pieces were black and sheer - literally my dream collection. 
On the day of the shoot Stella, Amy and I had free reign to style and wear the pieces from the collection any way we wished, along with getting our hair and makeup done by the lovely Sophie Higginson. We spent the day shooting with photographer Phill Taylor and assistant Nick all around Soho, of course creating a lot of attention from the public in our somewhat revealing outfits! I styled four looks, with the three above being my favourites. I absolutely adore the lace maxi dress, I so can't wait to get my hands on it! Plus the sheer fishtail midi is ever so elegant and so very me. I styled the items quite simply as they are all quite statement pieces in themselves, so teaming the dresses with my favourite belt, secondhand clutch bag and black heels were all that I needed.
I know I'm not the most confident of people, but doing something like this really allows me to step away from how I usually feel and actually enjoy myself without worrying about my appearance. I really had such a lovely day and I'm ever so happy with how the pictures turned out. I can't thank Sophie and Phill enough for making me look and feel so beautiful!
 Thank-you to Miss Selfridge and Lisa Goody for asking me to be part of Project #3! Love, Jazmine.

First four images taken by Phill Taylor. Last three, my own. 

16 October 2012

all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Dress, courtesy of Zalando - Belt, charity shop, 50p - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Shoes, courtesy of Asos - Sunglasses, gift from Kristabel.
Why hello, everyone! I haven't had any time to blog in the last couple of weeks due to a mix of being pretty darn busy with work and feelin' rather ill, but I'm back with a somewhat fancy outfit to share with you all! I'm sure you know my love for Audrey Hepburn and little black dresses, so when Zalando asked me to style up this simple dress in two different ways I just had to say yes. This look was my favourite of the two, and whilst I may have looked a little silly wearing such a dressy outfit on a cold late afternoon in Battersea Park, I adore the classic shape of the dress teamed with my matching burgundy bag and heels. Do take a peek at my second look over on The Edits, and fingers crossed I'll be back to posting a little more regularly soon! Love, Jazzabelle.

26 September 2012

thinking maybe it's me, yes i do have places to be.

Headscarf, Cath Kidston, £3 - Blouse, Cath Kidston, £25 - Jean jacket, charity shop, 50p - Scarf, charity shop, £1.
Jacket, courtesy of Barbour - Jeans, American Apparel, £64 - Shoes, Office, £42.99 - Backpack, charity shop, £1.
This post seems ever so fitting for the gloomy weather we've been having in London recently, Autumn has most definitely arrived! I wore this outfit on my last full day in Wales wanted to wear something practical and comfortable, but also remain true to my classic style. As you can see I'm lovin' the slight heritage trend at the moment, plus I adore the mix of patterns and tones in my outfit! It's not usually in my nature to mix prints, but as the tartan scarf and polka dot blouse are pretty subtle, I think it looks ever so lovely with my William Morris Barbour! Rather than hiding away escaping from the non-stop rain at the festival, I decided to make the most of the time I had left in Wales by wandering around the village of Portmeirion, finding secrets spots and taking in the wonderful atmosphere. Even with the dreary weather it was honestly such a beautiful place, I'm already hoping to visit again with my family in the future. Thank-you to Liv and Kristabel for the photographs, plus once again a big thank-you to Charlotte and Cath Kidston for arranging the trip! Love, Jazmine.