29 July 2012

inspired by audrey.

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Jean jacket, charity shop, 50p - Vest, Topshop, £5 - Bag, car boot sale, £1.50
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Jeans, American Apparel, £64 - Office shoes, charity shop, £8.50 - Sunglasses, birthday gift from Kristabel!
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I'm sure you all know just how much I adore Audrey Hepburn's style and elegance, so for this outfit I completely looked to her for inspiration. I've really been lovin' the simple combination of  plain vests and skinny jeans at the moment, so much so that I just couldn't resist buying the blue version of my high waisted American Apparel jeans! Whilst they are pretty darn expensive, they're so worth it for how well they fit and how confident they make me feel. I'm also sporting a pretty little pair of patent heeled loafers I picked up at a charity shop nearby my work, just hours before these pictures were taken. Of course my mum's secondhand jean jacket is still attached to my shoulders, I definitely must hunt another jean jacket or two in my local charity shops!
Apologies for the many pictures in this post! My mum took so many lovely pictures I just couldn't decide. Thank-you for makin' me look so beautiful, mum! Love, Jazmine.

23 July 2012

are teenage dreams so hard to beat, everytime she walks down the street.

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Topshop dress, gift - Jean jacket, charity shop, 50p - Converse, Office, £42.99 - Basket, c/o Cath Kidston - Hankie, Cath Kidston, £4.
Sunglasses, charity shop, £1 - Whistles card holder, birthday gift from the lovely Liv! - Notebook, Summer fair, 40p.
It's funny really, because one of my 'turning twenty' plans was to start dressing more simple and elegant, but it seems that in the last week I've been lookin' more casual than ever. I bought this lovely pair of Converse with some of my birthday money last week, as I've been in desperate need of new shoes and wanted a comfortable alternative to my favourite vintage pair. I needed something that would be able to be teamed with most pieces in my wardrobe and will last me through winter (I'm so sensible, me), and after the last week I can safely say that these are seeming to be quite the investment piece! My mum took these pictures whilst on a little walk around Battersea Park yesterday afternoon, I'm so darn useless at coping in warm weather so an ice-cream was most definitely needed! 
I just thought I'd quickly mention that I've made the shortlist for the 'Established Fashion Blog' at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for the second year running! I didn't at all expect to again, so it would be ever so lovely if you could vote for me here if you so fancy. Thank-you! Love, Jazmine.

14 July 2012

turning twenty.

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Kate Moss for Topshop dress, charity shop, £8 - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Shoes, charity shop, £3
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Tomorrow I'll be turning twenty years old, and words cannot describe how much I'm lookin' forward to it! Whilst my teenage years have been rather lovely, I'm so ready for a new chapter in my life and to finally be a 'proper' young lady. Yesterday my lovely mum gave me one of the best presents I could have ever imagined, she threw me a surprise party! I thought the plan was simply to visit a cocktail bar with my mum and best friend Shana-Kaye, but when I arrived I was greeted by some of my most beautiful blogger friends (and two non-blogger friends!), all wearing little black dresses! I was honestly so darn overwhelmed that I became quite the emotional wreck when I spotted everyone - I still can't quite believe that my mum planned all of this and that everyone managed to keep it a secret! It was ever so lovely to spend the evening with Olivia, Rebecca, Dina, Lucy, Kristabel, Reena, Mary, Becky, Shana-Kaye and my mum. It's certainly lookin' to be the best birthday yet! Love, Jazzabelle.

08 July 2012

loungin' on the farm.

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Jacket, charity shop, 50p - T-shirt, c/o Asos - Jeans, American Apparel, £64 - Bag, car boot sale, free - Sunglasses, borrowed from Liv.
On Saturday, the lovely Olivia and I popped down (or across?) to Lounge on the Farm festival in Canterbury to spend the day with Cath Kidston on Tour. I'm sure some of you know that I actually work at Cath Kidston, so to be asked along was pretty darn nice indeed. Liv and I mainly spent our time wandering aimlessly about the festival, sitting in the tea & cake tent and spending time in the Cath Kidston tour bus, of course taking plenty of pictures inbetween! Thinking about it now, I really do wish I wore my lovely pink Cath Kidston dress to match my surroundings, but as I was expecting quite horrible weather, I thought I'd keep it safe by wearing my new jeans, favourite jean jacket and an old pair of boots. I bought these jeans on my recent visit to Brighton, and whist they were rather expensive, the fit and shape is ever so perfect, though the dishevelled pictures of me above really don't do them justice! Love, Jazzabelle.

03 July 2012

along brighton pier.

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Jacket and sunglasses, charity shop, 50p each - Stole, gift - Dress, Asos, £22 - Basket bag, c/o Cath Kidston - Shoes, charity shop, £3
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Yesterday my mum, grandma and I took a little trip to Brighton for the afternoon. Despite the dreary, wet weather (hence my frizzy beehive!), I had the most lovely afternoon, it was honestly the happiest and most content I've felt in quite a while. As I was off to the beach, I thought it was only appropriate to make use of my new Cath Kidston basket bag and pack my sunglasses, but of course wearing my trusty faux fur stole and favourite jean jacket for a little warmth! During our visit we had a wander around Snoopers Paradise (where I picked up some beautiful William Morris fabric!),  treated ourselves to pick'n'mix, spent some pennies in the arcade and took plenty of photographs along the pier. I may have also spent a ridiculous amount on a pair of jeans from American Apparel, but that's for another outfit post! Love, Jazzabelle.
P.S. It's my twentieth birthday on the fifteenth of this month. I'm pretty darn excited to say the least!