29 December 2013

i know you're feeling me, 'cause you like it like this.

 photo JAZ-38_zps5a667973.jpg photo JAZ-45_zps0756eafc.jpg photo JAZ-46a_zpsfe21dfa3.jpg photo JAZ-a_zps70547482.jpg photo JAZ-48_zps311c1ece.jpg
Can you believe how quickly this year has gone by? Oh my. I have to say that I'm so lookin' forward to the new year - even though you can reinvent yourself and come up with resolutions at any time, there's of course somethin' about a brand new year that makes it seem a little more solid. I'm so proud of how much I have achieved over the last twelve months, and whilst I've had some down moments, overall it's been amazing. Highlights certainly include landing my dream job, being invited over to Las Vegas twice and hitting the big ol' milestone of twenty one years! And, as I always say every single month my confidence and general happiness is improving, bar the occasional blip or two. I'm so excited for the year ahead, goodness knows where it's going to take me...
What better way to end 2013 than posting some very special photographs I shot with the lovely Amber last month. This was quite an impromptu shoot, I have to say - I packed my Asos mesh skirt in my bag with no intention of definitely wearin' it, but as soon as we saw the carousel we just knew we had to take a few shots! We certainly attracted some attention, but we had so much fun giggling away on the ride, I can't wait to do somethin' similar with Amber soon! I hope you all had the most lovely Christmas, and happy New Year! Lots of love, Jazmine. 

20 December 2013

on the other side of a street i knew, stood a girl that looked like you.

 photo JAZ-27a_zps367ba96c.jpg photo JAZ-26a_zpsc61a5edc.jpg photo JAZ-29b_zps56d5a66a.jpg photo JAZ-25b_zps2cc52c76.jpg
Jumper, courtesy of Cabbages & Roses - Playsuit, Topshop, gift - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, New Look, £42 - Coat, c/o Next
 photo JAZ-35a_zpsf9da480c.jpg
After shooting opposite Big Ben, the next stop on mine and Amber's list was slightly further along the Southbank, right near the London Eye. On our brief walk the gloomy sky changed to clear blue, the sunshine made an appearance, then just as we were getting into place this lovely Routemaster bus parked directly in front of us - we couldn't have planned it if we tried! The conductor ever so kindly let me jump on board so Amber could take a few photographs, it all fell so perfectly into place. For me life is all about those little, spontaneous moments and making happy memories - I truly had the most lovely day, which I'm sure you can tell from my beaming grin in the last shot! Love, Jazmine.

15 December 2013

forever i try to make it right. together we suck, end in sight.

 photo JAZ-4_zps3ca9e483.jpg photo JAZ-19a_zps01047277.jpg
 photo JAZ-9a_zps69fe2d25.jpg photo JAZ-7_zps9dbceb28.jpg
Coat, c/o Next - Scarf, Topshop, £16 - Farhi jumper, charity shop, £1 - Skirt, Asos, £25 - Bag, c/o Folli Follie - Boots, c/o Bertie
 photo JAZ-16a_zpsdbbcd5db.jpg photo JAZ-17a_zps58ab274c.jpg
A couple of weeks ago I spent a very chilly Saturday afternoon with the lovely Amber to work on a series of photographs together, we had such a wonderful day! We wandered around Southbank, spent some time on the Thames beach, took a spontaneous ride on a carousel and jumped on a Routemaster, of course stopping for a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up. The first look of the day was a pretty simple 'London city girl' ensemble - the soft leopard print coat is a twist on the classic and works ever so well with the cream tones of my scarf and jumper, whilst the black leather adds a chic edge. I have to say, I did feel ever so grown up and put together in this outfit! We couldn't resist shooting against one of my favourite London backdrops (which you may recognize from quite a few of my previous posts!) and as always I'm so amazed by how quiet this spot is, particularly when it really is the most perfect place to take pictures. Amber is such an amazing photographer, it was so lovely to finally work with her after admiring her work for so long - I can't wait to show you more from our shoot! Love, Jazmine.

07 December 2013

i was told i was beautiful, but what does that mean to you?

 photo jazzabellesdiarycathkidston_zps1d69039b.jpg photo jazminejazzabelle_zps19c9d5ff.jpg
 photo jazzcathkidston_zps29d2d194.jpg photo jazminecathkidston_zps6198ff39.jpgScarf, Cath Kidston, £48 - Dress, Cath Kidston, £60 - Socks, Cath Kidston, £12 (for two pairs) - Boots, New Look, £42
 photo jazzabellecathkidston_zps9dfdc265.jpg
On a chilly yet sunny afternoon in November, Lily and I spent the day shooting all things Cath Kidston for her university project. Seeing as I work for the brand and Lily is such a fan, it really was the perfect combination! We had such a lovely day together, first shooting in my cosy bedroom, then heading over to my usual spots in Battersea Park, before ending the day by the beautiful Albert Bridge. This was my favourite look of the day - I adore the muted yet deep colours of the dress and scarf (I got both for fifty percent off the retail price I stated above thanks to the generous staff discount!), the tones look just beautiful against the sunny glow and autumnal surroundings. 
It's amazin' to think that in the two years I've been part of the company I've gone from a sales assistant, to an in store visual merchandiser, to now becoming the Marketing and Events Assistant at the new Piccadilly Flagship! I guess passion, hard work and being nice really does pay off. I'm so proud of myself and excited to see how I develop my role over the next few months, plus if you are ever in town, please do come and visit me! Love, Jazmine. 

26 November 2013

but we gotta get it right, we can't get it wrong.

 photo jazzabelleleatherskirt_zps714ec4aa.jpg photo nextcoat_zpsc983f0a3.jpg photo jazzabelleallblack_zps0dccd305.jpg
Skirt, courtesy of Glassworks - Bag, gift from Lucy - Louche Jumper, c/o Joy - Boots, New Look, £42 - Coat, c/o Next.
 photo jazzabelleleather_zpsc2e217d6.jpg
Now, I'm not usually one to attempt the slouchy yet sophisticated look that my blogger pal Camilla pulls off so effortlessly, but I thought I'd give it a whirl nevertheless! It's lovely to experiment with my style every now and then, even if I do always end up going back to my little 'signature style' comfort zone. Glassworks asked if I'd like to style this leather skirt, and initially I was a little unsure of the shape as I've never been convinced that pencil skirts suited me, but I'm so glad I said yes as I just adore this one! I love that the scoop front still allows me to wear my favourite 'mini' length, but the longer length at the back creates something completely different to anything I have in my wardrobe. Usually I style all things high waisted with slightly fitted tops tucked in, but thought I'd try somethin' a little different by teaming the skirt with an oversized fluffy jumper for a more relaxed look. The jumper really is the cosiest thing I own, and I like I always say, who needs a man when you can have a cosy jumper keeping you warm this Autumn!? (Well I'd prefer both, but I suppose I'll just have to make do...).
Want the chance to win the leather skirt for yourself? Well, you can enter a  little competition right here. I'm so lookin' forward to seeing the results of how nine other bloggers style this skirt! Love, Jazmine.

17 November 2013

my mind forgets to remind me you're a bad idea.

 photo barbourjumperjazzabelle_zpsb470261c.jpg photo jazmineblog_zpse259f036.jpg photo jazzabellesasosskirt_zpscda40173.jpg
Jumper, c/o Barbour - Skirt, Asos, £25 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Coat, c/o Next - Scarf, Cath Kidston, £48 
Well, what a week it's been for me! The first week at my new job has been just lovely, and of course ever so busy! I've really enjoyed the consistency of workin' nine to five (what a way to make a living indeed!) Monday to Friday, yet because of my role I've really been kept on my toes which is a pretty perfect mix for me. I have to say it's been quite the novelty having the entire weekend off, however it does mean that after swapping my busy 'work hat' for my 'Jazmine hat', I have been left alone with my negative thoughts a little. General loneliness and a lapse in my confidence have been getting me down, but I haven't let those issues ruin my time off!
Today I went for a lovely wander around Battersea Park with my Mum and Grandma, before ending up in my favourite local restaurant for dinner. After havin' an uninspired week with my style, I thought I may as well dress up a little to make me feel a little bit special. I always feel pretty lovely whenever I wear my chelsea boots and leather look skirt, so teamed with a fitted lambswool jumper I definitely did feel rather sexy and sassy - well, as sexy as one can look in a wool jumper! I've been getting a lot of wear out of this coat recently, plus the Cath Kidston shawl (which I got for half the price I mentioned above thanks to staff discount!) completes the outfit perfectly, picking up the tones from my jumper, coat and skirt.
I'm wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I get up to in between my blog posts! Love, Jazmine.  

11 November 2013

i know what people say, don't get carried away.

 photo IMG_9535a_zpsfc9e3c0b.jpg photo IMG_9498bwa_zps186cdb15.jpg photo IMG_9724a_zps8e025a54.jpg photo IMG_9563a_zps4d029d29.jpg photo IMG_9417bwa_zpsc62f996c.jpg photo IMG_9533a_zpsfb3e6df5.jpg photo IMG_9469a_zpsf496f2e8.jpg
Coat, c/o Next - Scarf, £16, Topshop - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Converse, c/o JD Sports - Jumper, c/o Aubin and Wills.
 photo IMG_9497bwa_zpsd56e54f0.jpg photo IMG_9515a_zpsa53b59d9.jpg
When I woke up last Sunday morning, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear - somethin' cosy and comfy which wouldn't involve much thought. I dug out one of the thickest knits I own from the bottom of my wardrobe and teamed it with my new pair of jeans, the coat I wore non stop last Autumn/Winter and a pair of Converse (which I can't wait to dirty up a little!), finally throwing on my new favourite scarf for good measure. It was so darn hard choosing between all of the colours you can get this adorable scarf in, I now have the dusty pink, navy and dark green versions on my winter wishlist!
How have you all been finding the chilly weather recently? I have to say I've been lovin' wearing layers and feeling all toasty with the heating on at home. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but right now I'm most definitely in my element! Love, Jazmine.  

04 November 2013

doesn't matter what i do, i'm tryin' but i can't forget you.

 photo IMG_9290a_zps9add93f0.jpg photo IMG_9308a_zps8a9e2968.jpg  photo IMG_9298a_zpsec9e4023.jpg
T-shirt, courtesy of COLLECTIVE - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Skirt, Asos, £25 - Boots, New Look, £42 - Coat, c/o F&F.
 photo IMG_9238a_zps361ad8a1.jpg photo IMG_9337a_zps07194844.jpg
For the first couple of weeks at my new job I'll be workin' nine to five (what a way to make a livin'), so recently I've been embracing a somewhat 'city chic' look to put me in more of a professional mindset than usual. I think the leather look skirt might just be a little too short for the office, but teamed with heeled boots, a smart coat and the softest plain white tee I own from COLLECTIVE, it certainly makes for a comfortable and stylish ensemble! And who knows, the early morning commute means I'll be in close proximity to handsome men in smart suits (sigh), so I better make some sort of effort! I have a feelin' this may be my last before I start my new job on Monday, so any kind words or positive quotations you may have would be ever so appreciated. Lots of Love! Jazmine. 

27 October 2013

i started falling for you, without a warning.

 photo IMG_9094a_zpse0c46277.jpg photo IMG_9190a_zps88d638ca.jpg photo IMG_9140a_zps3f2025e3.jpg photo IMG_9081a_zpsc259599a.jpg photo IMG_8877a_zpsff6072a0.jpg photo IMG_9183a_zps7b34f2b8.jpg  photo IMG_9100_zpsd7befb28.jpg
 photo IMG_91811a_zps6b9ff0cc.jpg photo IMG_9090a_zpsdd5fc9fa.jpg photo IMG_9121a_zpscddc8c81.jpg
Dress, Asos, £45 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, New Look, £42 - Coat, c/o Next - William Morris umbrella, gift.
 photo outtakesblog_zps64938da8.jpg
Finally, it's startin' to properly feel like Autumn! The crisp mornings, the beautiful tones of the leaves and drinking even more hot chocolate than usual - I absolutely love it. My style always seems much more fitting in the Autumn with all of the deep tones I wear, so I think my new cord dress and William Morris 'Strawberry Thief' umbrella suit the surroundings of Battersea Park just beautifully! I've never been too sure about dropped waist style dresses (as I'm so used to wearing things fitted on my waist and I dislike pieces that make my body look too straight up and down), but I'm kinda in love with this little cord number. It may not be the most flattering item I own, but hey, I did feel pretty darn happy prancing around the park in it! Love, Jazmine.