24 February 2013

viva las vegas!

 photo IMG_3512a_zps895e32a9.jpg  photo IMG_3495a_zpse4b14147.jpg  photo IMG_2942a_zps5951812e.jpg  photo IMG_3555a_zps7cdc2b2f.jpg photo IMG_2911a_zpsbfc2fc52.jpg  photo IMG_3175a_zpsd2120901.jpg  photo IMG_3560a_zps05a6c590.jpg
Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Bag, car boot sale, free - Top, Urban Outfitters, $29 - Skirt, American Apparel, £40 - Shoes, charity shop, £3.
 photo IMG_3534a_zpsa8743534.jpg  photo IMG_2925a_zps1f2e52d3.jpg  photo IMG_3626a_zpsd401a6cf.jpg  photo IMG_3358a_zps3b2e1e2a.jpg  photo IMG_3330A_zpsb41317fb.jpg photo IMG_3335a_zps2c0828fa.jpg photo IMG_4117a_zps548572c2.jpg
Why hello, there! So, after a whirlwind six days in Las Vegas, I'm finally back home in London trying to actually let  my whole experience sink in -  I honestly had the most lovely time and met some wonderful people, I'm so happy to be sharing my trip with you all! Every day at WWDMAGIC was pretty busy, so most of my time was spent at the Las Vegas Convention Centre alongside team Stylesmith and all of the other bloggers and influencers, wanderin' around around the event and discovering brands. On the Tuesday I spoke on my first panel alongside An, Kiara and Kelsi where we discussed various social media platforms, our personal favourites (Instagram was of course an all round winner!) and how best brands can use these platforms to their advantage. I was pretty nervous, but my public speaking has definitely improved over the last year, so I can't wait to see the final video.
In my free time during the day I often wandered around Las Vegas alone, stopping to take many photographs and of course to treat myself to an iced coffee or two. Despite being alone, I didn't want to waste the amazin' background, so for these outfit pictures I did two things I never would have done at home - used self timer and asked a stranger to take a few photographs! I'm rather happy with how they turned out, plus I just adore my outfit too (you can rather tell how much I'm lookin' forward to my upcoming trip to Paris, right?). These photographs were taken at Caesars Palace, a short walk from my home at the Bellagio. Most evenings were spent eating plenty of lovely food and hangin' out with some of the best people ever, many of whom I hope will be friends for life. I'll be sharing more of my time at Magic Market Week and showing you the sights of Las Vegas very soon, but if you can't wait, you can have a peek at my coverage over on the Road to Magic blog, see many many Instagram pictures, or watch me speak all about my blog and how I like to work with brands here!
A very big thank-you to everyone (especially the lovely Kelsi!) at Stylesmith and WWDMAGIC for inviting me over and covering my accommodation, travel and expenses. This is most definitely one of the biggest opportunities I've had since I started my blog, so I'm truly humbled to have been asked along. Love, Jazmine.

17 February 2013

thinkin' maybe it's me, yes i do have places to be.

 photo IMG_2600a_zpsc828d55d.jpg photo IMG_2673a_zps929c3859.jpg photo IMG_2657a_zps3f852fda.jpg
Skirt, c/o American Apparel - Shirt, Cath Kidston, £12 - Jacket, charity shop, 50p - Shoes, charity shop, £3 
 photo IMG_2591a_zpse6df7e94.jpg  photo IMG_2632a_zps85982222.jpg
Camisole, River Island, £10 - Levi's, charity shop, £2 - Bag, car boot, £1 - Boots, c/o Bertie - Lace dress, Miss Selfridge, £15
 photo IMG_2628a_zpsf19f2e8b.jpg  photo IMG_2618a_zps56590f0e.jpg
Hello everyone! As some of you already know, I arrived in Las Vegas yesterday evening. Can you believe it? Little old me in Las Vegas! It just doesn't seem real at the moment. I was invited by Kelsi from StyleSmith to be British representative and influencer for WWDMagic at Magic Market Week. Whilst I'm out here myself and a group of other fashion and style bloggers will be attending shows, discovering brands, holding panel discussions, plus of course soaking in as much of Las Vegas as possible. We'll be documenting our time on the Road to Magic blog, along with on our own social media. I'm really nervous but excited, I've never done anything like this or to this scale before so it's goin' to be quite an experience! I'm staying in an amazing hotel, the Bellagio, so I'm feelin' like one very lucky lady right now.
Here's a selection of the clothes that I've brought along with me, though I have taken a few bits out whilst I was repacking. I've packed quite a simple selection - a few pairs of jeans and shorts, two skirts, a couple of playsuits and dresses, along with a handful of jersey and silky tops. Unfortunately packin' my bits and pieces into this pretty suitcase wasn't practical (which I found all sad and lonely outside on the street, would you believe!), instead I packed everything in my usual battered old thing. I'm not sure how my usual heritage and classic style with suit the weather and surroundings, but I've planned out a few possible outfits already, plus as I'm goin' vintage shopping a little later I might just find some new pieces!
I'll most certainly be tweeting and instagrammin' whilst I'm out here, along with updating my Facebook page and Tumblr, so you can see what I'm up to whilst I'm in Las Vegas! Lots of love, see you soon! Jazmine. 

10 February 2013

made in chelsea.

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Mango jacket, car boot sale, £5 - Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Crop top, Topshop, £10
 photo IMG_2358a_zps6e8c4ccf.jpg photo IMG_2534a_zps4522d59f.jpg
Topshop jeans, gift - Bag, car boot sale, free - Boots, courtesy of Bertie.
 photo IMG_2537a_zpsec7d3cbb.jpg photo IMG_2353a_zpsa3fcc2e7.jpg
I hope you aren't tired of constantly seeing me feature the same jacket, scarf, boots and bag on my blog, as I'm certainly not bored of wearing them! One of the reasons why I feel (and hope!) that many of you read and like my blog is to see my secondhand finds, along with how I showcase and style my limited wardrobe in different ways. As much as sometimes I wish I could have a new outfit for every day of the week, it's just really not me. I am, however, wearing one new item of clothing, a little polo neck crop top from Topshop - at ten pounds it wasn't at all too expensive, and it's amazing how such a simple piece can make such a difference to an outfit! It probably wasn't the most weather appropriate outfit, but I wore it for a spot of shopping around Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge with my mum. I left somewhat empty handed, apart from a pretty new bikini from Topshop, even though that was hardly on my shopping list!
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