29 June 2013

take me back to the way that i was before.

 photo IMG_8048a_zpsa147781b.jpg  photo IMG_7981a_zps1a5499b9.jpg  photo IMG_8028a_zpsd1bef49c.jpg
Pinafore, Miss Selfridge, £30 - Shirt, New Look, £5.99 - Heeled boots, Office, gift - Bag, Cath Kidston - £32.50 (staff discount)
 photo IMG_8009b_zps82a592ef.jpg
After meeting Camilla and Rebecca for a good ol' catch up and a lovely lunch this afternoon, Camilla kindly took a couple of snaps of me in this little pink number I picked up as a payday treat. This outfit is quite a different look for me - I don't tend to express my more girly side through what I wear as I feel much more comfortable in my usual darker tones and classic shapes, but as I've been stuck in a bit of a style rut recently, it's been a welcoming change! Now that's it getting warmer and as I've been feelin' much more confident, I'm itching to introduce more lighter colours into my wardrobe - I've already got a pair of mint coloured jeans and a dusky pink camisole on my wishlist! Love, Jazmine.

21 June 2013

soon turned out had a heart of glass.

 photo IMG_7297a_zpsfab71c20.jpg photo IMG_7428a_zps951c869b.jpg photo IMG_7196a_zps8053be04.jpg photo IMG_7527aa_zps9fecb22a.jpg photo IMG_6993a_zpsed029157.jpg photo IMG_7358a_zpsf710ab99.jpg
Pinafore, Topshop, £36 - Top, Urban Outfitters, £20 - Backpack, charity shop, £1 - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Wellies, c/o Hunter.
 photo IMG_7221a_zps5b4a93da.jpg photo IMG_7422a_zps2ed12e0e.jpg photo IMG_6911a_zpsb89b23bd.jpg
Judging by how often it's been featured on here recently, this denim pinafore is definitely a firm favourite of mine - it's such an easy piece to wear which is just perfect for the 'effortless' style I adore, so it made sense to pack it for the Isle Of Wight festival! I wore this outfit on the second day, teaming it with a top I bought especially for the occasion (I can't resist some stripes!), along with my trusty backpack, denim jacket and short wellies. In the afternoon Liv and I popped to a nearby town for afternoon tea, then headed to the festival to hang out with Rebecca, Sabby and Lyzi to sing along to The Killers, have a hilariously scary ride on the ferris wheel and of course eat plenty more food! Despite Liv and I spending every moment of the festival together, I find it so interesting to see how we have captured our festival experience differently - Liv's posts showcase the overall atmosphere, whereas mine focus on the simple details. I've been invited to go to Las Vegas again in August and this time Liv will be coming with me, so it will be so interesting to see how we both capture different elements of our trip!
You may have noticed in recent pictures that I've had my hair cut a little! I'm so happy with my new style, and even though it's quite the cliché, it's amazin' what a simple haircut can do to my confidence and look. Love, Jazmine.

18 June 2013

do i start at the end or do i end at the start.

 photo IMG_7683b_zps64c83c55.jpg  photo IMG_7742a_zpseab7afed.jpg photo IMG_7536a_zps64c0ff78.jpg photo IMG_7701a_zpsf6783d1a.jpg
Topshop jumper, charity shop, 50p - Levi shorts, charity shop, £2 -  Belt, charity shop, £1.99 - Socks, Topshop, £6 - Wellies, c/o Hunter. photo IMG_7546a_zpsc16973e2.jpg photo IMG_7734a_zpsae006fef.jpg photo IMG_7731a_zpscaa0fed7.jpg  photo IMG_7628a_zpsbe8855e8.jpg photo IMG_7535a_zpsc8ccaa08.jpg
 photo IMG_7698a_zpsf1f68c01.jpg
Parka, New Look, £10.30 - Backpack, charity shop, £1 - Cheap Monday jacket, Asos, £60 - Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95.
 photo IMG_7653a_zps8894caa8.jpg
As you may have seen from my many recent Instagram photographs and tweets, last weekend I was having the most amazin' time at the Isle of Wight Festival! Liv and I were invited along with Hunter Boots, plus last minute Rebecca and her friend Sabby were able to make it, completing our little team. As Liv and I stayed in a hotel, our mornings were spent lazing about watching cookery shows, then getting ready for evenings of lounging around in hammocks in the sunshine, music, and plenty of lovely of food. We even spent some time with the beautiful Lyzi and all her awesome friends which made my festival experience even better! For someone who constantly says that festivals aren't really my thing, I honestly had the most lovely time and felt so carefree, plus I finally got to see Rizzle Kicks and Blondie live which made me very happy indeed (I may have shed a couple of tears)!
This is what I wore for the last day of the festival - I'm not really one for making a conscious effort with 'festival fashion', but as my style is rather British heritage I felt pretty darn comfortable in my wellies, parka and checked scarf! Love, Jazmine.

13 June 2013

pack up your troubles in your old kit bag.

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Stripe top, Urban Outfitters, £20 - Pinafore, Topshop, £36 - Suitcase, charity shop, £3 - Makeup bag, charity shop, £1 
 photo IMG_1446a_zps57df4a06.jpg  photo IMG_1482a_zpsc7b4a92e.jpg  photo IMG_1499a_zps723ff653.jpg
 photo IMG_1591a_zps1c3702d6.jpg  photo IMG_1467a_zps76044b3f.jpg
Wellies, c/o Hunter - Crop top, Topshop, £12 - Parka, New Look, £11.80 - Grey jumper, charity shop, 50p - Blanket, Cath Kidston, £10.
 photo IMG_1579a_zpsed092557.jpg
Why, hello there! Tomorrow I'm heading to the Isle of Wight festival with Liv and Rebecca for some good ol' festival fun. I have to say I'm pretty darn excited (Rizzle Kicks, Blondie, junk food and two of my favourite ladies? Yes please!), so I've spent most of the evening planning what to wear and packing my bags. As Liv and I are staying in a nearby hotel it does mean that I can pack a little more than most, so here is just a snippet of what I'll be taking with me! I've tried to be sensible with what I'm bringing along, so I've packed a handful of tops and two slouchy jumpers to layer, accessories to suit any weather condition, plus last minute I found a very lightweight parka which will be perfect to keep in my backback just in case it rains. I hope to brave a little crop top and high waisted shorts if the warm weather decides to make a comeback, plus I may even step out of my comfort zone a little more and sport a bright ensemble to match the orange wellies!
As much as I adore living in London, I do love a good excuse to leave my worries behind, visit somewhere new and meet new people, so if any of you are also attending the festival, do let me know! But if not I'm sure I'll be tweeting and instagramming aplenty whilst I'm there! Lots of love, Jazmine.

A post in collaboration with Hunter Boots.

02 June 2013

all i want is a room with a view.

 photo IMG_0845a_zpsfdf36116.jpg photo IMG_0922a_zps14bec22d.jpg photo IMG_0959a_zpsf3c45ff9.jpg photo IMG_1048a_zpsa1335d54.jpg photo IMG_1055a_zps02cd4a7c.jpgWilliam Morris curtains, charity shop, £5 - Suitcases, secondhand, free-£3 - Chair, charity shop, £5 - Floral cushion & basket - c/o Laura Ashley.
 photo IMG_1071b_zps1a4973c7.jpg
I've been wanting to put together a post like this for quite some time, so now that I've currently got one side of my bedroom just the way I want it I thought I'd take some pictures to share with you all! I definitely spend far too much time makin' my room look pretty, when I'm at home alone it's one of my favourite things to do. I'm ever so fussy with how my room as a whole looks and adore 'organized mess', so everything from my cushions to my books and blankets to my frames has to be placed in a certain way - that most certainly shows my visual merchandiser/stylist side! By now I'm sure you know that I love all things secondhand, so of course the majority of everything you see in my room has been bought from my local charity shops and Battersea car boot sale. I haven't listed the prices of everything, but some of my best finds include a pair of William Morris curtains for five pounds, a Lloyd Loom chair also for five, plus all of my cushion covers and suitcases were anything from free to a teeny three pounds!
Laura Ashley kindly sent me the rose cushion (and a very handy basket where I now store my more recent collection of magazines) to brighten up my room, which matches perfectly with my Cath Kidston paper roses (we used them for our store's recent window display and got to keep them afterwards). I love the muted yet rich tones in my bedroom and the fact everything is so homely and classic - almost a secondhand shop meets a showroom, I suppose! The mixed Morris and vintage inspired prints all work so beautifully together, I'm now very much considering buying some William Morris wallpaper to complete the look.
If you have any questions about my bedroom feel free to ask them below! Love, Jazmine.