21 September 2013

and if i had to beg for your love, would it ever be enough?

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Coat, Topshop, £79 - Dress, courtesy of Urban Outfitters - Boots, New Look, £42 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99.
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So, I might not have a nice man to keep me warm this Autumn, but at least I have this coat! As soon as I spotted it in the Oxford Circus Topshop, I completely fell in love with the 'teddy bear fur' and classic shape, but to my dismay when I tried my usual size (size six, for those wonderin'!) it was far too oversized, so I was pretty upset at having to leave my dream Autumn/Winter coat behind. But, like any good fairy tale, this story has a happy ending, as after browsing the Topshop website I discovered that it came in a smaller size, so within seconds it was purchased and this afternoon I skipped to my local store to collect it, pretty chuffed with finding my coat of the season so darn quickly (now, just to find my prince!). As I always say, you can't go wrong with a simple and classic outfit, so I teamed my new find with a beautifully patterned shift dress and a pair of leather boots I found in the depths of my wardrobe, making the most of gettin' my legs out before havin' to wrap up in tights for the next few months. Love, Jazmine. 

10 September 2013

all i want is for you, you to be there.

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Jumper, Topshop, £34 - Skirt, Asos, £25 - Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Bag, car boot, £1 - Shoes, Asos, £40 (similar here).
 photo IMG_2218a_zps626871fe.jpg
A fluffy jumper (and um, matchin' frizzy hair) and a leather look skirt, what more could you want from an outfit? I have to say, I'm lovin' this cooler weather we've been having in London recently - I love being cosy and snug, so being able to keep a jumper on all day without getting too hot and bothered is a dream for me! Remember that hobo jumper I always used to wear? I'm sure that will be making a comeback pretty soon! This outfit has been inspired by two of my favourite ladies, Liv and Rebecca (of course!) - Liv certainly knows how to work pastels and after seeing her in this jumper and lusting over the black version, I knew I had to buy both, plus Rebecca always looks so amazing when she's rockin' a bit of leather so I thought I'd try and follow suit. A leather/leather look skirt has been on my wishlist for quite some time, so I'm pretty happy to have got my hands on one, even if it doesn't quite fit on my waist (darn Asos, with their generous sizing!). 
It feels so lovely to be takin' outfit pictures in Battersea park with my mum again (and filming a little 'today I'm wearing' Instagram video)! Saying that, recently I've been scrutinizing my appearance more and more, so spending hours editing pictures can be a little disheartening when I see so many flaws in my appearance. I'm just glad that my skin problems aren't obvious due to how I edit my pictures, because in a way it's kind of an escape not havin' to worry about them on here! Plus, whilst taking these pictures a ten year old rode past on his bike and mimed 'call me' at me, so I can't be lookin' too shabby... Love, Jazmine. 

08 September 2013

chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool.

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Camisole, Topshop, £26 - Shorts, American Apparel, £52 - Shoes, New Look, £6.99 - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Bag, H&M, £29.99
 photo IMG_1666a_zpsb7ac8692.jpg  photo IMG_2080a_zps6dd1449e.jpg photo IMG_1568a_zpsaea84935.jpg photo IMG_1719a_zpsb1622731.jpg photo vsco_01a_zps9d993938.jpg
    Selects Hawaiian top, c/o Glassworks - Shorts, gift - Bag, H&M, £29.99 - Sandals, Topshop, £30
 photo IMG_1926a_zps6f55463b.jpg photo IMG_1678a_zpse0634ad6.jpg photo jazzdisney_zpsdb483e47.jpg
You know those moments of pure and utter happiness you have, where you have no worries in the world and feel completely at peace with yourself? That is exactly how I felt for the six days I spent in Los Angeles last month. My trip was practically perfect, I was having the most incredible time livin' the LA lifestyle, that I barely took any pictures, but I thought I'd share these with you nevertheless. It felt amazin' being so carefree and to just live in the moment, my trip really made me appreciate all of the details of daily life and realize just how truly luck I am.
Every day was a completely different experience, thanks to the lovely people I spent my time with (Kelsi, Gina, Aaron, Kathleen, and most importantly my dearest friend Gabby!), I thank them all so much for making my first trip to Los Angeles so special. On the Friday I headed out with Gabby and her boyfriend for a wander along the pier on Santa Monica beach with a frozen yoghurt in hand, before heading home to have a lazy evening in (with milk and oven baked cookies before bed! Perfect). Saturday mornin' was spent lounging around the apartment, before heading to Taylor Swift's concert at the Staples Center which was absolutely incredible, plus I finally got to see Ed Sheeran live which was so worth the wait! On Sunday we headed down to Downtown LA for a spot of shopping, where I got the chance to visit the American Apparel outlet store which was ridiculously tempting, though I managed to contain myself and only bought one little thing, and luckily so as my suitcase was overweight upon my return to London! Havin' spent only a few days in Los Angeles I had already experienced so much, but my Monday was pretty darn exciting to say the least, as I went to Disneyland! I had the best time exploring the park sporting my Minnie Mouse ears, going on plenty of rides, stopping for cocktails, raiding the Disney store and catching the fireworks in the evening - you can see more about my Disney adventure over on Kelsi's blog! Tuesday was my last full day in America, so I took it easy and went to El Matador beach with Gina and Kelsi to soak up the sun and admire the incredible views, before heading out to dinner with the gang. On my final morning Gabby and I headed to do a spot of secondhand shopping (of course 'Thrift Shop' was the only song I had in my head!) where I picked up a couple of lovely bargains, before heading to the airport ready to take a ten hour flight back home. 
I have to say, I feel pretty darn emotional writing this post (I know I've completely rambled on, so apologies!) as I had the most amazin' time, and between this trip, Vegas and my family holiday, I'm on such a high and really don't want this wave of happiness to end. I'm now back into the swing of things with my London life, busy with work and lookin' forward to shooting and sharing plenty of new posts! Love, Jazmine.

04 September 2013

my time at wwdmagic!

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The Whitepepper dress, Asos, £50 - Shoes, Asos, £40 (similar here) - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99.
 photo IMG_1389a_zps7bcf1c0e.jpg photo IMG_1381a_zpsb3c250ea.jpg photo IMG_1396a_zps8017214d.jpg photo IMG_1374a_zpsdcaf5b12.jpg photo IMG_2147a_zpsaad8e99f.jpg photo IMG_1408a_zps9cc52a5a.jpg  photo goldennugget_zps2be93f0c.jpg
So, here's a recap of my second and third days at WWDMAGIC - it may be a little more than usual to read, but I just have so much to say! As it was my second visit to Vegas I already had some knowledge on some of the prettiest places on The Strip, so first thing Tuesday morning Liv and I popped to The Venetian to snap a few outfit pictures before heading to the convention centre for another busy day! I spoke on two panels that afternoon, the first being 'Discovery Sessions' hosted by Chanelle, then later I was representin' London on a panel all about global style. For my discovery sessions I decided to go with a 'little black dress' theme, so I shared three dresses I'd of course just love to wear myself - The first was a very Audrey inspired dress from Unique Vintage, the second being a very glittery number from TFNC London and finally a beautiful little lace and mesh dress from Little Mistress. Aside from talking on panels and meeting brands, another amazin' thing that happens at MAGIC is the chance to be gifted with pieces from brands I haven't really considered before. Being a true British girl I'm already thinkin' about A/W, so I'm really excited to style the 'I'm Serious' jumper from BCBGeneration, a navy crop from Mia Melon and a pretty speckled knit from Lush Clothing! That night after dropping our bags and gifted items in our room, Liv, Gabby and I made a quick change then went out for a fancy meal at Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill, before I headed out to party at the Hyde Bellagio until the early hours of the morning.
On the third and final day (where I may have been a little worse for wear after my exploits the night before!), I spoke on an early morning panel again with Jess, MartaMargie and Chanelle, focusing on the best ways brands can work with bloggers. It was my favourite panel out of all of those I spoke on, as whilst I'm not always confident in what I have to say about trends and fashion, I could talk about blogger/brand relationships and what I look for in collaborations and blog content for hours! I then did one last sweep of the floor, before going back to our cosy base for a cheeky nap and to write my daily entry for the WWDMAGIC blog. Mirroring last season, that evening we all popped to the Golden Nugget for our last meal together, full of plenty of laughs, iced tea (and judgement over the amount of sugar I take with it!) and misbehaving with cutlery! We then all went for a wander around Fremont Street and filmed a few silly videos (one, two, three) before heading back to the Hard Rock in style after a certain lucky lady won on the slots! I really am terrible at goodbyes, I get very emotionally attached to people and places, but luckily my American adventure didn't end there as the next morning after Breakfast at Tiffany's (not quite like the Audrey Hepburn movie, but I still felt like a leading lady nevertheless) and dropping Liv and Alex at the airport I was soon en route Los Angeles with one of my best friends, Gabby 
Like I mentioned previously, my travel, hotel and expenses were all paid for, but all views are my own! Thanks to Kelsi, the whole Stylesmith team and every single blogger for making my trip so memorable. Love, Jazmine.