31 March 2013

i want the key to your heart.

 photo IMG_5865a_zps2117bc0d.jpg photo IMG_5816a_zpsa620bc57.jpg photo IMG_5984a_zps669cb69f.jpg
 Club Monaco shirt, charity shop, £1 - Mango jacket, car boot sale, £5 - Coat, courtesy of Tesco - Scarf, Pop Boutique, £6.
 photo IMG_5872a_zps46c3a23c.jpg photo IMG_5958b_zps1203f23d.jpg  photo IMG_5812a_zpsa29ae10c.jpg  photo IMG_5994a_zpse335a0f0.jpg
 Skirt, American Apparel, £40 - Bag, courtesy of Fossil - Boots, courtesy of Bertie.
 photo IMG_5948a_zps0418e25d.jpg
Earlier this week my dear friend Shana-Kaye and I took an impromptu trip to visit the lovely town of Winchester for the afternoon.We only stayed for a couple of hours as it was pretty darn cold, but we had a lovely time wandering around admiring the beautiful buildings, browsing the shops, buying a few treats from the little market stalls and stopping for a cheeky hot chocolate. Just before we left Shana kindly took a few outfit pictures of me down a little side street - I can't resist a cobbled road and a pretty door! My outfit is rather matchy matchy, but I adore the tweed on tweed and pop of rich colour from my shirt and new bag. Lots of love, Jazmine.

27 March 2013

i wish that i could have this moment for life.

 photo IMG_5614a_zps46c7c687.jpg photo IMG_5663a_zps04480fe7.jpg photo IMG_5653a_zps2633e2f7.jpg
Pinafore, £36 - T-shirt, £16, both Topshop - Bag, free, car boot - Coat, c/o Next - Socks, three pairs for £8, Topshop - Boots, c/o Bertie.
 photo rebeccalivjazz_zpsfe6e93c9.jpg  photo IMG_5689a_zps85c43729.jpg photo IMG_5696a_zps809b1e7c.jpg photo IMG_5674a_zps5b8e06b6.jpg photo IMG_5630a_zps06670019.jpg photo IMG_5661a_zps6ba06bf8.jpg
Last weekend I popped up to Liverpool with Liv to spend the weekend hangin' out with Rebecca and her dear friend Amy for a good ol' catch up and some sleepover fun. I honestly had such a lovely time - what better way than to spend the weekend drinkin' tea, talking about everything from blogging to boys and just generally having some carefree fun?
On the Sunday, we spent the best part of the day lounging about Rebecca and Amy's flat, recollecting events from the night before (where I may have got a little tipsy, fell over, then called myself a 'classy mixed race Audrey Hepburn'. Oh dear), before popping out for a wander around town. It was pretty darn freezing to say the least (hence my silly hat), but we couldn't resist stopping for a few outfit pictures (I love out group shot - watch out, Destiny's Child!), before heading to nearest café for a well deserved hot chocolate and slice of cheesecake. We then headed back home to cosy up on the sofa, watch YouTube videos and talk about things I couldn't possibly share with you on here, well into the early hours. The following morning we visited Cuthbert's Bakehouse for hotdogs ('made out with a hot dog? Oh my god that was one time!' - you've gotta love Mean Girls) and tea before Liv and I caught the train back to that London.
It's times like this when I realize just how lucky I am to have found such lovely friends through blogging, I'm one very happy lady right now. A big thank-you to Liv and Rebecca for being the most sassy friends I could ask for, I can't wait to see you both again very soon! Love Jazmine.

22 March 2013

recently i've been, hopelessly reachin'.

 photo IMG_5475a_zpsc671b0e7.jpg  photo IMG_5466a_zps33823c99.jpg  photo IMG_5506a_zps3b94a58e.jpg
 Pinafore, £36 - T-shirt, £16 - Stripe top, £20 - Socks, three for £8, all Topshop. Shoes, New Look, £11.99.
 photo IMG_5489a_zpsbe22ca27.jpg photo IMG_5333a_zps116fb754.jpg
Now I'm sure you all know that I'm not usually one to spend my money on a whim, particularly on clothes, but recently I have gone against my usual ways and spent a little of my hard earned money on the high street. I tend to go through phases with wearing certain colours - lookin' through my blog, for the last few months it's been burgundy and plum tones mixed with brown and black, but more recently I've been drawn to all things blue and grey. I've been rather ill and have been feelin' a little down recently, so think I've been wearing and wanting to purchase various shades of blue and grey, along with black, to match my somewhat gloomy mood. This pinafore really caught my eye as soon as I spotted it in Topshop, and I was ever so surprised to find that it actually suited me, as I really didn't think the style of it would. When I try on clothes in store I tend to have to think of the whole outfit, so despite having plenty of t-shirts already, this grey one matched perfectly so I just couldn't leave it behind. Plus, in my opinion you can never have too many pairs if cute socks, and an oversized stripey top will always be welcome in my wardrobe.
Tomorrow I'm heading to Liverpool with Liv to visit Rebecca for a couple of days and plan to pack all of the items of clothing in this post with me. I'm sure wearing some pretty new clothes and hangin' out with some of my best girl friends will make me one very happy lady. Lots of love, Jazmine.

08 March 2013

that's for me. bonjour, paris!

 photo IMG_5013a_zpsd3e139ff.jpg photo photo1a_zps75a96ca2.jpg photo IMG_4595a_zpsdc1ad26e.jpg photo IMG_4493a_zps90b6753f.jpg photo IMG_4805a_zpsd5a5e8dd.jpg Top, UO, $29 - Coat, c/o Next - Jamie jeans, Topshop, £40 - Shoes, charity shop, £3 - Bag, gift from Lucy - Necklace, Accessorize, £12.99.
 photo IMG_5141a_zps97960809.jpg photo IMG_4631a_zps8826a547.jpg  photo IMG_4798a_zpsb866fc62.jpg photo IMG_4683a_zpsc86c3aea.jpg photo IMG_4743a_zpsed193a23.jpg photo IMG_4747a_zps1b37a72a.jpg  photo IMG_4842a_zps337a71b5.jpg  photo IMG_5012a_zps5f989d3a.jpg photo IMG_4478a_zps17d2e991.jpg photo IMG_4582a_zps3462d40a.jpg  photo IMG_4908a_zpsf1d5dff1.jpg  photo IMG_5170a_zps7ab58fa2.jpg  photo IMG_5176a_zpscb01ace8.jpg photo IMG_4741a_zpsd9b08108.jpg photo IMG_4592a_zps1d24ea98.jpg photo IMG_4856a_zpse398ee8c.jpg 
 "Paris is always a good idea." - Audrey Hepburn.
Bonjour! So I'm sure that from my many tweets and instagram pictures, you may know that recently I spent a couple of days in Paris to visit my dear friend Rachel. I haven't been to Paris in quite a few years, so it was so lovely to wander around discovering new pretty places and visiting the usual tourist spots all over again. As I'm quite the bargain hunter, rather than catching the Eurostar I travelled by coach, after purchasing return tickets on Megabus for a teeny twenty six pounds (it's all about booking a month or two in advance to get the deals!). It of course took an awful lot longer, but for the price I just couldn't say no! After arriving in Paris at seven o'clock in the morning, I met up with Rachel, who was already there studying, to spend the day wandering about the city, pretending to be Audrey Hepburn, stopping for crêpes and doing a spot of vintage shopping. Later that evening we arrived home at our little Paris apartment (which we found on Airbnb), with a takeaway and a film, ready to do it all again the next day. 

On Monday morning we popped by the prettiest little café, La Maison Rose, in Montmartre for a hot chocolate, took a couple of outfit pictures, then jumped on the metro to visit the Eiffel Tower along with Shakespeare and Company near Notre Dame. As Rachel was quite the knowing tour guide, along the way we stopped off at Palais de Tokyo to make use of a rather cool photobooth, where we took a couple of cheeky photographs (and also happened to be almost in touching distance of Kim and Kanye, no big deal). Afterwards we stopped for quiche and a slice of lemon tart in an adorable cafe called The Smiths, then headed back home ready for a little 'night out on the town'.
First thing Tuesday morning I was back on a coach to London, alternating between listening to music and sleeping, to make the long journey go faster. It was quite the flying visit, but so lovely nevertheless! I can't wait to visit Paris again soon. Also, a big thank-you to Rachel for being so darn cool, I'm missin' you already! Love, Jazmine. 
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05 March 2013

my miss america.

 photo IMG_3751a_zpse81686c7.jpg photo IMG_3851a_zpsa4ae012c.jpg photo IMG_3768a_zps4d870988.jpg photo IMG_3746a_zps1f721437.jpg
 Jean jacket, charity shop, 50p - Bag, car boot sale, free - Dress, courtesy of Unique Vintage - Shoes, charity shop, £3.
 photo IMG_2836a_zpsd88770a1.jpg 
Why hello, there! This is the last post of my Las Vegas trip, so it seemed only right to share with you some more of my tourist shots, along with another outfit of mine! Despite it being quite the cliché, I couldn't be in Vegas and not visit the main landmark and take a cheeky picture or two - I know I've said it before but it really does seem so surreal to think that I was actually there! Part of being an influencer at WWDMAGIC meant I was kindly gifted with a few pieces from some lovely brands, including this beautiful lace vintage inspired dress which I think just completes the slight vintage and rockabilly look I was after. It honestly felt like I was in a feature length film the whole time I was away - wearing pretty clothes, wanderin' around the city and being the novelty British girl was pretty darn amazin'. I had the most lovely experience and to think that I was invited just for being me really is a wonderful feeling. A big thank-you to Stylesmith and MAGIC for everything. Love, Jazmine.

02 March 2013

my magical week away.

 photo IMG_2772a_zps41c2c0ca.jpg photo IMG_3267a_zpsd91ffec0.jpg  photo IMG_3193a_zps9238347d.jpg photo IMG_2891a_zps2a90f1d5.jpg
Camisole, River Island, £10 - Skirt, c/o American Apparel - Belt, charity shop, £1.99 - Boots, c/o Bertie.
 photo IMG_3168a_zpsee904829.jpg photo IMG_3171a_zpsdd64b987.jpg photo IMG_3977a_zps4f3c9041.jpg photo IMG_3972_zpsef3cce4e.jpg  photo IMG_4126a-1_zps3532309c.jpg photo IMG_3888a_zpsfb74809e.jpg photo IMG_3377a_zpsb7e844e0.jpg
It already seems like a lifetime ago that I was in Las Vegas, lookin' at these pictures already makes me feel ever so nostalgic! I covered the basis of my trip in my previous post, but here's a little visual diary to show you how most of my time was spent whilst I was away. As you can see, along with attempting to walk across roads in heels and photographing the beautiful settings, I was busy wandering around the Las Vegas Convention Center discovering brands and hangin' around with the best people. Mauricio, Lidia and Emily were three of the kindest bloggers I met on my trip, I honestly hope I'll meet them, along with the rest of my new friends, again one day.
With so many brands showcasing their garments and accessories at WWDMAGIC, it was an awful lot to take in, but I really did make some pretty darn nice discoveries, I hope you like them too! Unique Vintage had the most beautiful vintage inspired dresses (one of which I'm wearing), Lovemarks Collection had the perfect basics with added details (the black tee had a leather trim and cut out back - I need it!) and I quite fell in love with this sheer maxi dress from Gypsy Junkies (which I just had to try on!). My favourite brand I discovered was Brandy Melville, I cannot wait to purchase a few of their amazin' pieces (I think the image of this top may be my most liked Instagram picture), as they actually have a store in London! I definitely need to get my hands on the ribs vest I'm holding up above. The whole team was ever so kind, it was a pleasure to look through their collections. I spoke about these brands on some of my panel discussions, particularly focusing on what pieces I'll be wearing this Autumn along with a 'my favourite picks' session. Having people listen to what I have to say and being called an 'influencer' on the panels felt a little odd, sometimes I can't believe how much of an influence I, along with bloggers in general, have!
Once again, a big thank-you to Stylesmith and WWDMAGIC for covering my accommodation, travel and expenses. For such a homely Londoner like myself, being invited over was an experience I never would have even dreamed of. I feel like quite the jetsetter too, as I'm off to Paris this evening, so do be prepared for some pretty blog posts! Love, Jazmine.