27 May 2013

i don't want to be alone, i want to be left alone.

 photo IMG_0521a_zps05557700.jpg photo IMG_0697a_zps218b2d5e.jpg  photo IMG_0707a_zpsdbdfe42b.jpg photo IMG_0644a_zps40fbb33d.jpgPinafore, Topshop, £36 - T-shirt, Primark, £4 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, Office, gift - Sunglasses, H&M , $5.95. photo IMG_0534A_zpsfccecbd7.jpg
I've been wanting to wear my denim pinafore without tights for quite some time, so as it was pretty darn warm on Sunday I rushed home from work to make the most of the setting sunshine. The pinafore is rather short on me, but I thought I may as well embrace gettin' my legs out by teaming it with my new pair of heels, bought for me as an early birthday present by my lovely father. I've been lookin' for the perfect 'everyday' heeled boots for quite a while, and even for someone who finds heels ridiculously hard to walk in at times, these are proving to be pretty darn comfortable!
I have to say, I've been feeling very happy and at ease over the last couple of days. I'm not entirely sure what's changed, but I'm just feelin' ever so content. I realize that I've been isolating myself from certain aspects of my life a little, which I understand that some my find a little selfish, but more and more I've realized that searching for your own happiness isn't being selfish - sometimes you've just got to put yourself first, no matter what. Audrey Hepburn once said 'I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone', and that quote is very apt for my current state of mind. I just want to enjoy my own happiness for a while, because I know that it could leave me just as unexpectedly as I found it. Love, Jazmine.

24 May 2013

she's got her lipstick on.

 photo IMG_0368a_zps48e3e628.jpg photo IMG_0354a_zpsaed3cbc5.jpg photo IMG_0230b_zps6408eb18.jpg
Top, Primark, £3 - Jeans, c/o New Look - Cheap Monday jacket, Asos, £60 - Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Bag, car boot, £1 - Heels, New Look £11.99 photo IMG_0192b_zpsf9ca831b.jpg photo IMG_0151a_zps2423deb9.jpg 
I'm sure you all know that I can't resist a pair of skinny jeans, so when New Look asked if I'd like to try out their new Petite range I thought I'd give it a whirl - any excuse for a new pair of jeans! Now at five foot seven (ahem.. six) I'm definitely not considered to be petite height wise, but as I have a slim waist and narrow hips (I'm a size four or six in jeans and trousers. I'm wearin' a size six here!) I often shop in the petite sections of stores to get a better fit. Having rather long legs you wouldn't particularly think that the shorter length of petite jeans would suit me, but it actually works in my favour - I adore wearing ankle grazers as the cut suits my figure so much more, so these jeans are pretty darn perfect I have to say.
I'm not usually one to wear jeans on my hips, but it was a welcoming change from my usual high waisted, plus styling them with a slouchy tee, a denim jacket and simple heels hopefully achieves the effortless 'off duty model' look I long for. I'm also wearing my favourite secondhand scarf and bag for some added colour, plus I thought I may as well add a touch of lipstick (Mac Dark Side mixed with Creme in Your Coffee) too! Oh, and if you like lipstick and my post title, I'm pretty sure you will like this song by two of my favourite guys. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Love, Jazmine.
A post in collaboration with New Look.

22 May 2013

don't turn away, pay attention.

 photo IMG_9764a_zps95e29318.jpg  photo IMG_9725a_zpsd1d2be85.jpg photo IMG_9782a_zps38998ea6.jpgCheap Monday jacket, Asos, £60  - Dress, Asos Fashion Finder competition win - Shoes, charity shop, £3 - Bag, gift from Lucy.  photo IMG_9809a_zpsd30983c4.jpg
 photo IMG_9970a_zps9152dabf.jpg  
Why hello there! Just a little post today as I haven't particularly got much at all to say, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share some pictures of me styling my beautiful new dress! As soon as I first tried it on I knew exactly what I wanted to team it with - I'm not one for fuss so a simple jacket, vintage shoes and a pretty bag is all it really needs. I wore this outfit for the usual wander around Battersea Park with my mum, of course stopping by my favourite steps to take some pictures - I think I better find another couple of locations in Battersea and Kensington for future outfit posts, I've been using this spot an awful lot recently! Maybe I ought to find myself another brick wall or two... Love, Jazmine.

11 May 2013

so i'm brushing my shoulders and blowing you kisses.

 photo IMG_9399a_zps70f51c5c.jpg photo IMG_9449a_zps524b2a84.jpg photo IMG_6942a_zps783e9dd1.jpg photo IMG_9433a_zpsb01adc31.jpg photo IMG_9494a_zps61ade225.jpg
Dresses, both Asos, Fashion Finder competition win - Blouse, charity shop, £3 - Top, charity shop, 50p - Secondhand books, mirror & frames. photo IMG_9520a_zps5c0089e6.jpg
I'm sure you all know that I'm more than just a little inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style, so after winning an Asos voucher in a little Fashion Finder competition last week, I treated myself to two beautiful dresses which instantly reminded me of the stylish lady. The shape of the first just feels very 'Audrey', plus the little black dress of course makes me think of her beautiful 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' ensemble! I honestly can't wait to style both of these dresses with my pretty vintage shoes or chunky high heels, a black denim jacket and a little bag. 
I'm off work for the next ten days which is just lovely, it really is the perfect time for me to take a long break. I've been spending lots of time with family recently and over the next week I'll be visiting Kew Gardens with my Grandma, visiting family in Bournemouth and maybe takin' a day trip to Brighton. Liv and I will also be popping up to Liverpool again to see the sassy Rebecca and Amy which I'm so lookin' forward to! Life is goin' pretty darn well at the moment - I know I regularly have down moments, but I'm so content right now which is a great feeling. I just think I need to take each day as it comes, try not to let such small things worry me, along with remembering to enjoy the simple things and little details of my daily life. Lots of love, Jazmine.

02 May 2013

so since i'm not your everything, how about i'll be nothing.

 photo IMG_8925a_zpsa6fc593f.jpg photo IMG_8771a-1_zps35a22c3d.jpg photo IMG_8876a_zps253c8069.jpgJeans, Asos, £32 - American Apparel tee, courtesy of Asos - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Belt, charity shop, 50p.
 photo IMG_8920a_zps928a9d37.jpg photo IMG_8936a_zpscc05b6b5.jpg photo IMG_8953a_zps19bf6374.jpg photo IMG_8896a_zps75faf11f.jpg photo IMG_9001a_zps1bbbaec7.jpg photo IMG_9009a_zpsd4354974.jpgCheap Monday jacket, Asos, £60 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, courtesy of Bertie.  photo IMG_9065a_zps0053b838.jpg 
You know that feeling you get when you are just too excited to receive the clothes you ordered? Especially when you bought them on a whim and want to get wear them before the realization hits you that you probably did spend a little too much money? That may have just happened to me recently. I've been longing for a black denim jacket for quite some time, but as I was having no luck finding one secondhand, I gave in and bought this not-so-cheap Cheap Monday jacket as a payday treat. I've been coveting it for a good few months so I'm so darn glad to finally own it! The same day I also ordered these jeans as an off chance they would fit me (after having a love/hate relationship with American Apparel's easy jeans and Topshop's Jamies), and do they just! As I'm rather slim and have quite long legs for my height, but still have quite a bit of ass (just call me Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj. Or not), it can be a struggle to find jeans that fit me. I'm so happy with these though, plus they are the perfect shape and style for spring. It's always lovely wearing new clothes, though I may just have to stop myself from buying too much more this month!
I have to say that I've been on quite a roll with my outfit posts recently! Let's hope in continues this way. Though considering the fact that I had to pay my mum five whole pounds to take this set of pictures (she drives a hard bargain!), it may turn out to be a somewhat expensive habit. It's definitely worth it though, my mum has truly made me look amazin' (it's a darn shame I don't look like this in real life, hey?). Love, Jazmine.