27 October 2013

i started falling for you, without a warning.

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 photo IMG_91811a_zps6b9ff0cc.jpg photo IMG_9090a_zpsdd5fc9fa.jpg photo IMG_9121a_zpscddc8c81.jpg
Dress, Asos, £45 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, New Look, £42 - Coat, c/o Next - William Morris umbrella, gift.
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Finally, it's startin' to properly feel like Autumn! The crisp mornings, the beautiful tones of the leaves and drinking even more hot chocolate than usual - I absolutely love it. My style always seems much more fitting in the Autumn with all of the deep tones I wear, so I think my new cord dress and William Morris 'Strawberry Thief' umbrella suit the surroundings of Battersea Park just beautifully! I've never been too sure about dropped waist style dresses (as I'm so used to wearing things fitted on my waist and I dislike pieces that make my body look too straight up and down), but I'm kinda in love with this little cord number. It may not be the most flattering item I own, but hey, I did feel pretty darn happy prancing around the park in it! Love, Jazmine. 

20 October 2013

nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears.

 photo IMG_2487a_zpsee602895.jpg photo IMG_8612a_zps3f665764.jpg
Dress, Cath Kidston, £30 (staff discount) - Cardi, c/o Louche at Joy - Boots, New Look, £42 - Fluffy jumpers, Topshop, £34 each.
 photo IMG_8579a_zpsbdb7ee7f.jpg
Finally, a new post! Better late than never, I suppose. I've always been pretty darn sporadic with my posting (mainly due to confidence issues and finding the time to shoot with my mum) and to an extent it bothers me, but personally I just don't see the point in bloggin' 'just because', if I'm not completely in the mood or in order to be consistent. I really do hope you enjoy my posts, even if they are few and far between! I like to think that adds to my charm, somewhat.
Over the last month I've been pretty lazy, I have to say (what's new there, Jazmine?). When I've not been working, I've been spending days at a time at home in my pajamas watching reruns of New Girl and The Mindy Project, attending a couple of blog events and generally pondering about my future. One very special thing has happened since I last posted, though - I'd landed myself a new job! After two interviews, one presentation and lots of worrying, I'm soon to become the new Marketing and Events Assistant at the Cath Kidston Flagship in Piccadily which will be opening in December! I've worked at Cath Kidston as a sales assistant and visual merchandiser for just under two years now, so it's amazing to progress in the company in such a way, plus I'm particularly proud seeing as landing such a role proves that quitting my second college course and not going to university hasn't hindered me in any way! Am I a real grown up now, gettin' a full time job and all? It's getting me rather excited about my future, and who knows, next I'll be in a committed relationship and looking to buy my first house (oh, a girl can dream...)! Love, Jazmine.