30 December 2014

'cause darling i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

 photo jazzabellesdiary_zpsbf996b2f.jpg photo jazzabelle-boots_zps95e05510.jpg photo jazmine-rocks-london_zpse1c05896.jpgDress, Asos, £32 - Boots, c/o Free People - Whistles bag, secondhand, £50 - Coat, c/o New Look - Scarf, Asos, £15 (similar)

 photo jazzabelles-asosdress_zpsce0d48d3.jpg
If I had to sum up 2014, it would be the year I found my confidence, stepped up in my career, saved a nice amount of money (well, for me anyway!) and finally started to date. All in all it's been pretty darn lovely, I'm so happy and content at the moment it's unbelievable.
Following on from my 'flaws and all' blog post, I'm still embracing my appearance the best I can and am spending less time worrying and more time enjoying myself - I mean, look at me! Parading around in some over the knee boots, feelin' like the sassiest lady in SW London. Being a little more carefree has obviously had a great effect on my life in general - I no longer feel as drained and tired, my skin is still clear, my social life has been pretty great (also helped by one of my best friends, Rebecca!) and I've been putting myself in situations I probably would have been too shy to put myself in before. 
I have to say, life away from my blog has been lovely, but as always I'm hoping I'll get back into the swing of things next year. Because of my lack of posting, something I haven't mentioned on here is that I've made a little career move - I'm no longer working at Cath Kidston as their Flagship Marketing & Events Assistant, as I'm now the Marketing Executive for Tatty Devine! I've always just 'fallen into' things previously, but this was the first conscious decision I've made regarding my career, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I'm even lookin' to move out of mine and my mum's flat next year which is pretty exciting!
Long story short - I'm feelin' happy, I'm proud of my achievements, life is great and I thank everyone for their kind words and support over the years, Watch out 2015, I'm comin' for ya. Love, Jazmine. 

04 November 2014

brunch in battersea.

 photo coffee-benscanteen_zps32e44c46.jpg photo bananabacon-pancakes_zps8dcc8018.jpg
 photo benscanteen-sw11_zpsb212f9a4.jpg photo brunch_zps04fc9273.jpg photo jazz-blog_zpsf191824f.jpg
Shirt, c/o Free People  |  Jumper, Topshop, £36  |  Jeans, £36 and Shoes, £55 - both Topshop |  Wildfox Sunglasses c/o Asos. 
 photo batterseabenscanteen_zpsc3e10124.jpg
Hey y'all! Something a tad different from me today, but as I'm keen to start showing you a little more around my home town of Battersea, I thought what better place to start than with my new favourite local spot, Ben's Canteen. After mentioning on Twitter that it was on my list of places to visit, the lovely Ben invited me and my mum along one Monday morning to sample the brunch menu over a cup of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. From the first time I read the menu online, I just knew that I had to try the pancakes - I mean, pancakes with banana, bacon, yoghurt, maple syrup and caramel sauce sounds far too good to miss, right? As expected it was pretty darn amazin', and my mum loved her 'The Big Ben' breakfast too. As I write this post I've been eyeing up the menu again to see what I'll be having next time - I popped by again last week for a lazy brunch, so I think it's about time I visit for dinner and cocktails.
I'm a sucker for places with wooden tables, simple style and cosy decor, so Ben's Canteen is just the type of place I know I'll be hangin' out at again and again. What I love about Battersea is that we have so many great independent spots and lovely locals, it certainly is a great place to live. I'll be showing you more of my favourite places every now and then, so if you'd like any recommendations or have any for me, do let me know! Love, Jazmine.
Brunch was indeed on Ben, but all views are of course my own!

13 October 2014

flaws and all.

 photo jazzabelle-topshopjumper_zpse52abc07.jpg
Looking at my first photograph, I can't help but instantly focus on some of my flaws - from my crooked front teeth, to my large forehead and frizzy hair - all things I have spent far too long crying over in my lifetime. Despite focusing on my imperfections at first glance, I really do love this picture. I actually think I look rather beautiful, and that's not something I often say about myself. Maybe it's just my current mindset that is making me feel this way, tomorrow I might not even like this photograph, but all that matters is right now I do, and I am so proud of how far I have come with my confidence and body image over the last few years. I'm learning to love myself for who I am, because after all, I can't change the way I look (well, I can within reason) so I may as well just embrace my appearance and spend less time worrying and more time being happy. Plus, who doesn't want to prove their bullies wrong? I may not be some people's idea of beautiful, but I'm not doing half bad in my life.
The one thing I am so happy to say is currently not on my list of 'flaws' is my skin. Since the beginning of September I've been changing my lifestyle and diet to help improve my general well-being and complexion, and so far things really seem to be working, This is the best my skin has looked in ages, and (fingers crossed!) hopefully it will be staying this way for a long time. I plan to share a little more of what steps I've been taking to be happier and healthier in a future post, so do look out for that! Also, I can't end this post without mentioning my jumper - it's now the cosiest thing I own by far. Topshop, you've done well. Love, Jazmine. 

08 October 2014

i will never let you down.

 photo jazzabellesdiaryasos_zps864e57c7.jpg photo jazminesteps_zps0a96baf0.jpg photo asosninetiesjeans_zpsf1ad5149.jpg photo jazzabelleasosjeans_zpse2d554cb.jpg photo asosrippedninetiesjeans_zps8aa6147d.jpg
Top, Topshop, £8 - Trench, Asos, £55 - Jeans, c/o Asos - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Boots, c/o Bertie - Fedora, c/o F&F
 photo jazzabelle-asosnineties_zpsee827e7a.jpg
If there's one item in my wardrobe I feel is a signature piece of mine, it's most certainly a pair of high waisted skinny jeans - the higher and skinnier the better, in my books. It's something I've been wearing non stop for the last decade, and whilst I've always admired girls that can pull of the effortless 'slouchy' look, it's never really something I've considered would suit me. Nevertheless, I thought it was about time to try something new, so here I am stepping out of my comfort zone in a pair of 'mom jeans', putting my spin on Asos' Nineties Normal trend! I have to say that it did feel a little odd wearin' something a bit more roomy, but it was a welcoming change and has certainly inspired me to do what I can to get out of my current style rut! 
Have you worn something different to your usual style recently, or do you have any suggestions for pieces you think would suit me that I haven't really worn before? I'd love to know! Love, Jazmine. 

14 September 2014

wanderin' around west london.

 photo ffwestjazzabelle_zpsf88c2b8b.jpg
I'm sure y'all know just how much I love being a South West Londoner, so when F&F asked whether I'd like to take part in a West London shoot, I just had to say yes! My shoot is part of an East vs West campaign, and being pretty passionate about Battersea and my local area, I'm pretty darn excited to be representing team West! On the day of the shoot, the F&F team and I spent our time wandering around West London in a handful of simple outfits styled by yours truly, stopping at some of my favourite spots along the way, including Kensington High Street and Victoria Albert Museum. The shoot ended at one of my favourite shots along Chelsea Embankment, right next to Albert Bridge, and only a short walk from my flat just off Battersea Park Road. The above was my favourite look and location from the day - you really can't go wrong with a slouchy shirt, skinny jeans and simple accessories! 
Love my West London outfit? It would be just lovely if you could vote for my look using #FFWest and @fandfclothing on Twitter. There's even a chance for you to win a £50 voucher, too (oh yes!). You can see some more of my looks from the shoot by taking a peek at my album on my Facebook page! Love, Jazmine.

09 September 2014

when you say you've had enough, and you might just give it up.

 photo wildfoxsunglasses_zps1174b049.jpg photo jazminejazzabellerocks_zps28110d24.jpg photo ilmolinojazzabelle_zps5baa443e.jpg photo batterseablog_zpsa0ab06ae.jpg
Cuff and ring, c/o Anna Lou - Whistles bag, shirt and card holder - Topshop heels - Asos jeans - Wildfox sunnies, c/o Asos
 photo ilmolino_zpsba42e477.jpg
Oh, hello! Remember me? Yes, it has been a while...
I think for the last nine months, maybe longer, I've really been stuck in a bit of a rut with my blog. My content used to be much more varied when I first started, but over the years I've lost my inspiration, so have been sticking to what I know - simple outfit pictures, shot in similar locations. Hardly inspiring, but as I don't have much confidence with my writing ability or putting my ideas and thoughts into action, I just haven't been motivated to try anything new. When we're now constantly being inundated with 'bloggers as brands', tips for writing a successful blog and the rise of full time bloggers, I really do find it a little overwhelming - my blog isn't my main source of income (one of the reasons why I don't post that often is due to my full time job!), I don't have a strict schedule to stick to and let's be honest, SEO and wearing new outfits in every post really aren't that important to me right now. My blog just fits around my life  - it's something for me to do in my spare time, whenever I fancy, even if it is just once a month. Whilst I'd like to post more, I think the main worry I have right now is that I am no longer posting content I'm that proud or passionate about. 
From October/November onwards I'm hoping to introduce more lifestyle, interiors, tips & tricks, round ups and lists, plus I'd like to have a go at more 'themed' posts, to really bring me out of my comfort zone. I need to stop worrying about the number of comments and likes I get, and start focusing on sharing things I'd be interested in reading myself. I'm keen to know what you'd like to see on my little blog - I'm really open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. Chat soon! Love, Jazmine. 

07 August 2014

i don't know about you...

 photo jazzabellelondonblog_zps8c5258d4.jpg photo chelsea_zps1e7027c3.jpg
Dress, Pull & Bear, £12.99 - Kimono, Brandy Melville £39 - Belt, charity shop, £1.99 - Shoes, Topshop, £55 - Bag, H&M, £25
 photo jazmine-blog_zps2d48d6ca.jpg
...but I'm feelin' twenty two! From busy days at work to meals out with friends (mainly with Rebecca, aren't I the lucky one?) to photoshoots and lazy days in, life as a twenty two year old hasn't been half bad so far. As per, my blog has taken a back seat - but seeing as I have worn this outfit at least five times over the last few weeks, you really haven't missed much! I panic bought this dress the day before flying out to Berlin, and I'm now more than a little in love with it. It's meant to be more of a dropped waist dress, but being pulled up a couple of inches and nipped in at the waist certainly makes it more my style. Best thing about it? It cost me a teeny £12.99, and is now less than a tenner on Asos. Oh yes. 
Can y'all believe that we're now a week into August? This year really has gone by ever so quickly, goodness me. Chat to y'all soon! Hopefully next time it won't be so long. Love, Jazmine. 

05 July 2014

it feels like a perfect night.

 photo JAZZjazzabellesdiary_zpsf41049d1.jpg photo jazabelletopshopshoes_zpsc7fb83c9.jpg
Kimono, Brandy Melville, £39 | Whistles bag, secondhand, £50 | Hat, Miss Selfridge, £25 |  Jeans, £36 & Heels, £55 - both Topshop.
I hope y'all got the Taylor Swift reference in my blog post title, because '22' has been my number one song as of late (well let's be honest, it has been since it was first released) - as on the fifteenth of this month I'll be turning twenty two! I really am happy, free, confused and lonely all at the same time, but I have to say that my twenties have been pretty darn lovely so far. To celebrate my birthday, I've booked a week off work, am taking a somewhat impromptu trip to Berlin (with a guy. Yes, you read that correctly...) and plan to make the most of many happy hours. Life isn't lookin' half bad at the moment.
Speaking of things that aren't looking half bad - how amazin' is my new kimono? I'm like a magpie when it comes to spotting William Morris and Morris inspired prints, so the moment this caught my eye in Brandy Melville I just couldn't leave it behind. I've been spending quite a bit on myself recently (yes those are new shoes, too!), so to stop me feelin' guilty, let's just call the kimono and heels early birthday presents, okay? Chat soon! Love, Jazmine. 

14 June 2014

bad luck.

 photo jazzabellesdiaryblog_zpsb0eabf0a.jpg photo jazzabellesdiarybus_zps39c12dbc.jpg photo badluckjazzabellesdiary_zps55224285.jpg photo topshopjonijeansblog_zps09e46aac.jpg photo jazzbadluck_zps04aa269c.jpg
Brandy Melville top, gift - Joni jeans, Topshop, £38 (similar) - Shoes, Asos, £32 (similar) - Whistles bag, secondhand, £50 
 photo jonijeans_zpsa76599dc.jpg
Why hello! It's been a while... It's now become a regular thing for me to share a post and then disappear for a month with no reason. Aside from a full time job being my main priority and the fact that I am quite a lazy lady, I have to say that recently I have fallen a little out of love with my blog. I feel pretty stuck in a rut with my style, look and blog aesthetic (how are you not bored of my over the shoulder poses and Chelsea Embankment yet?!) - I suppose I just lost my inspiration and passion for a little while. As blogging is just a hobby to me, it means that I don't have many qualms about posting so little, and because of that it means I also shouldn't be afraid of mixing things up a little, so be prepared for more lifestyle, home decor and snippets of my life, rather than just fancy outfit pictures - the content I like to think you were drawn to when I started my blog a few years ago.
Also, move over Asos Ridleys, Topshop Jonis are my new favourite jeans in town. High waisted, super fitted, gingham and they accentuate my figure (I'm so proud of my booty, not goin' to lie) - what more do I need? Well I'll be seeing you - I hope not sporadically! x

14 May 2014

i'm so fancy, you already know.

 photo hotel-packing_zps1206792e.jpg photo jazmineasostopshop_zpsb4f3eec0.jpg photo london_zps471e4cb3.jpg photo ilmolino_zpsbac9d54c.jpg photo jazminekingsroad_zpse34d00d3.jpg
Shirt, Asos, £18  - Trench, Asos, £55 - Jeans, Topshop £36 -  Boots, c/o Bertie - Whistles bag, secondhand, £50 - Hat, Miss Selfridge, £25
 photo vampa_zps94e70f56.jpg photo jazminerocksblog_zpsd01e6190.jpg
 photo bigben_zpse4e345b8.jpg
 photo jazzabellemakeup_zps1e8a9f9e.jpg
Y'know that episode of New Girl, where Nick feels ridiculously confident in his new jacket? Well that's exactly how I've been feelin' recently. In the words of Nick Miller himself, 'this jacket's got clean lines, pockets that won't quit, and when I wear it, I feel "hot-to-trot!"- so it's understandable that I've been wearin' this Asos trench nearly every single day! Anyway, I wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago for a wander around town, after CitizenM invited me to go on a whirlwind trip around London to show you my favourite spots, before ending the day with a cosy stay at their Bankside hotel. 
After dropping off our bags and gettin' a little too excited over the size of the cosy bed, my mum and I took a stroll from the hotel to Westminster Bridge to snap some outfit pictures, before heading to Kings Road to do a spot of shopping. We stopped off at Brandy Melville (where I purchased the prettiest slouchy tee and shorts I'm wearing above) and Cath Kidston, before popping to Joe & the Juice to treat ourselves to some shakes. After grabbing a light dinner, we then headed back to the hotel and stayed up late drinking hot chocolate, watching films and had a good ol' catch up. The next day after an amazin' breakfast, we then checked out of the hotel to continue our little tour, first visiting The Victoria and Albert Museum, before returning to Battersea to stop off for coffee and cake in our local cafe, Il Molino. I'm sure you can tell from my blog in general just how much I love London, so any excuse to make the most of my favourite spots is pretty darn lovely.
Want to see a little more of our stay at CitizenM? Head over to Barri & Belle later this week see just how amazin' the hotel is! Love, Jazmine. 

Just to let y'all know - I was given a free stay at CitizenM, however, all views are my own. Of course!

21 April 2014

i can tell you that i'm missin' kissing, but i'm not missing you.

 photo jazminedenimsmock_zps311ad440.jpg photo embankment_zpsea64c022.jpg photo jazzabellebertieboots_zpsf829ca21.jpg
 photo jazmineblog_zps81d8bc8a.jpg photo jazinebatterseabridge_zps21123ba0.jpg photo IMG_2997a_zps3ea7bcb3.jpg
 photo jazzsun_zps0562bbca.jpg photo jazzabellebench_zpsf766189a.jpg
Dress, Primark, £12 - Hat, Miss Selfridge, £25 - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie - Bag, charity shop, £5.99
 photo IMG_3095a_zpsb32acec1.jpg
This post has been saved in my drafts for the last few days, in hope that a little inspiration would come to me and I'd actually be able to think of something to write. Unfortunately I'm still as clueless as ever - work and Netflix (and unbelievably, my social life) have kinda taken over recently, so it seems that my little head is far too exhausted to think of anything witty or worthwhile to say. So instead I shall leave you with a short but sweet (much like my dress) post, some pretty pictures, a little video of my outfit and the promise of some exciting posts to come. Lots of love, Jazmine.