14 September 2014

wanderin' around west london.

 photo ffwestjazzabelle_zpsf88c2b8b.jpg
I'm sure y'all know just how much I love being a South West Londoner, so when F&F asked whether I'd like to take part in a West London shoot, I just had to say yes! My shoot is part of an East vs West campaign, and being pretty passionate about Battersea and my local area, I'm pretty darn excited to be representing team West! On the day of the shoot, the F&F team and I spent our time wandering around West London in a handful of simple outfits styled by yours truly, stopping at some of my favourite spots along the way, including Kensington High Street and Victoria Albert Museum. The shoot ended at one of my favourite shots along Chelsea Embankment, right next to Albert Bridge, and only a short walk from my flat just off Battersea Park Road. The above was my favourite look and location from the day - you really can't go wrong with a slouchy shirt, skinny jeans and simple accessories! 
Love my West London outfit? It would be just lovely if you could vote for my look using #FFWest and @fandfclothing on Twitter. There's even a chance for you to win a £50 voucher, too (oh yes!). You can see some more of my looks from the shoot by taking a peek at my album on my Facebook page! Love, Jazmine.

09 September 2014

when you say you've had enough, and you might just give it up.

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Cuff and ring, c/o Anna Lou - Whistles bag, shirt and card holder - Topshop heels - Asos jeans - Wildfox sunnies, c/o Asos
 photo ilmolino_zpsba42e477.jpg
Oh, hello! Remember me? Yes, it has been a while...
I think for the last nine months, maybe longer, I've really been stuck in a bit of a rut with my blog. My content used to be much more varied when I first started, but over the years I've lost my inspiration, so have been sticking to what I know - simple outfit pictures, shot in similar locations. Hardly inspiring, but as I don't have much confidence with my writing ability or putting my ideas and thoughts into action, I just haven't been motivated to try anything new. When we're now constantly being inundated with 'bloggers as brands', tips for writing a successful blog and the rise of full time bloggers, I really do find it a little overwhelming - my blog isn't my main source of income (one of the reasons why I don't post that often is due to my full time job!), I don't have a strict schedule to stick to and let's be honest, SEO and wearing new outfits in every post really aren't that important to me right now. My blog just fits around my life  - it's something for me to do in my spare time, whenever I fancy, even if it is just once a month. Whilst I'd like to post more, I think the main worry I have right now is that I am no longer posting content I'm that proud or passionate about. 
From October/November onwards I'm hoping to introduce more lifestyle, interiors, tips & tricks, round ups and lists, plus I'd like to have a go at more 'themed' posts, to really bring me out of my comfort zone. I need to stop worrying about the number of comments and likes I get, and start focusing on sharing things I'd be interested in reading myself. I'm keen to know what you'd like to see on my little blog - I'm really open to suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts. Chat soon! Love, Jazmine.