20 November 2016

simple sunday style

 photo autumn outfit_zpsziqyx1cs.jpg photo leopard print trousers black boots_zpsfomuftbp.jpg photo leopard print trousers_zpspz6t9o8p.jpg photo new look grey coat_zpsspfpbv3f.jpg photo jazzabelles diary leopard print trousers_zpshpayalj5.jpg
 photo hotchoc_zpsz3aptzeg.jpg
New Look coat & jumper (similar) - Topshop trousers & hat - Boots, c/o Next - Handbag, c/o Nica
 photo jazzabelles diary_zpsxljbyow9.jpg
This week has been a bit of a miserable one, to be honest - suffering from constant headaches and bouts of anxiety means I haven't been as happy as I would like to be. Even though all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet and feel sorry for myself today, I knew that wasn't going to make me feel any better, so I got dressed and headed out the door for some fresh air and a wander around town with my mum. 
We didn't venture too far; just popped into a few local shops, stopped for hot chocolate and took a few outfit snaps in some of my recent wardrobe additions. I've worn this babe of a coat every day since I bought it a fortnight ago (it's only £33 in the sale at the moment!) and the trousers and jumper have seen more daylight than anything else in my wardrobe this week. I've always been someone that gets attached to wearing an item of clothing, so much like my pink Boden coat, be prepared to see these pieces non-stop on my Instagram over the coming months... Chat soon! Jazz xx

29 October 2016

five happy things...

 photo pink boden coat yellow bag blog_zpsqbmsrd24.jpg
 photo cathkidston-coffee_zpspwk2e8jl.jpg photo whistles-stripe-jumper_zpsiiexddct.jpg photo cath-kidston-coffee_zpsuco8ww0l.jpg photo cathkidston-jazzabelle_zpstidm6kyz.jpg
Primark hat - Coat, top & bag, c/o Boden - Asos jeans - Whistles jumper - Asos skirt (similar) & chokerBag, cardi & blouse, c/o Cath Kidston
 photo boden outfit jazzabelles diary_zpsafchd0fr.jpg
Hello y'all! October has been treating me pretty darn well, so I thought I'd share some snaps of what I've been wearin' recently, along with five things that have been making me happy this month...
1. So, you may have seen on Twitter that I've been promoted to Marketing & PR Executive! It may just be an ampersand and two letters that have been added to my title, but those small changes mean a big deal to me - I'm extremely happy that my quality of work, passion and skill set has been noticed in such a way. Even when I have my moments of self doubt, I know I'm pretty darn great at my job and should be SO proud of my career progression over the years, particularly having chosen to not go down the university route. 
2. Following on my job news, this month I also reached my 2016 savings target - two months early! When I first started saving nearly five years ago, it seemed like I just wasn't getting anywhere, but over the last couple of years things have really picked up and seeing my total tot up every month fills me with so much pride. I've mastered by own personal balance between saving, spending and treating myself, and next year I'll be adjusting my target to suit a big holiday I'm *hoping* to take. Exciting!
3. I've been lovin' opting for brighter colour combos and patterns recently, it's been so much fun braving bolder choices with my style. My pink coat has barely left my back since I got it, and it's always lovely to wear a spot of Cath Kidston - despite having not worked there for two years, their designs always make me feel all happy and nostalgic!
4. Imight not even be November yet, but I am totally getting into the Christmas spirit! I've already started filling my 'present drawer', written my Christmas card list, updated my wishlist board and have bought my first box of Celebrations! I wonder how long it will take me before I open it...
5. Last but not least, my new Whistles jumper definitely deserves its moment in the spotlight, I bloody love it. After it originally selling out in my size on Asos, Whistles online and my local store, I popped into a store near my work and found the little lonely jumper hidden away upstairs, in my size, with a 25% discount promotion on - result! Some things are just meant to be. 
 What's been making you happy recently? Jazz xx

06 October 2016

curly hair, don't care

 photo jazzabelles diary 2_zpsbzqwztna.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 12_zpsxicjt6sc.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 6_zpsmd7lxq59.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 8_zps3m55sboj.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 11_zpsfpid1dkb.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 5_zpsmf1qv8rz.jpg photo jazzabelles diary 1_zpsbizhwac9.jpg
Coat, c/o Boden - House of Hackney tee - Asos jeans (similar here and here) - Shoes and bag, c/o Next
 photo jazzabelles diary 3_zpsxbajewmv.jpg
I've been blogging for over six years (!!!) now, and this is literally the first time my hair has ever appeared in its completely natural state in a post... Can you believe it!? For the last ten years or so I've always shied away from my curls, as straight hair always felt like the easier, less in-your-face option, and for someone with self confidence issues this was much preferred. I guess it's true that confidence comes with age; looking back it seems silly to think that I was convinced I didn't suit curly hair and felt so self conscious leaving it natural. But long story short, after accidentally getting splashed in a swimming pool (it used to be my worst nightmare!) and with no time to straighten my hair, I had to deal with my curls for a day. It ended up being the best thing that could have happened to me, as it made me realize just how comfortable I now am with my appearance. This year has been all about goin' with the 'fro and I've been lovin' it! 
Anyway, to the outfit! Last week after putting a little shout out on Twitter for photographers, I met up with Matt for an impromptu photoshoot on my lunch break. Having only agreed to meet the day before I was in a panic with what to wear, but I ended up opting for a very old pair of jeans, a beautiful William Morris print tee Rob got me for my birthday and some snazzy new shoes from Next. This look was all about the Boden coat though, I mean just look at it! I've been wearing it constantly over the last few weeks and have no plans for that to change - so be prepared to see it in more blog and Instagram posts in the coming months! Love Jazz x
 Photos by Matt McCormick

09 July 2016

spots & stripes

 photo IMG_1665_zpshimz4x3m.jpg
Breton tee and polka dot scarf c/o Boden - American Apparel shorts - Primark sunnies - Flowers c/o Bloomon
 photo IMG_1647_zpst4ptbmr7.jpg
What is this... A new blog post? You've got that right!
I've barely blogged over the last couple of years, but every few months somethin' pulls me back and makes me want to share something new. Since I started Jazzabelle's Diary back in 2010, so much has changed in the blogging world and in my life, but I'm determined to keep my little online diary alive, even if it is just seen by a handful of you. 
My early blog outfit posts were often snapped in front of a brick wall near my old flat in Battersea, and conveniently I've found another simple backdrop just outside my new home - perfect for impromptu photographs after work and at the weekend! My younger cousin snapped these earlier in the week after I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Bloomon - I was feelin' pretty lovely in my polka dot and stripey Boden get up, plus as the sun was shining and I was having a good hair/face day, I was in the mood to get a little snap happy! 
I'm feelin' pretty tired after a very busy few months at work, but it's my birthday next Friday and I've booked a week off, so I'm super excited to celebrate with my loved ones and have some relaxing time to myself. 
See you soon! Jazz xx

08 May 2016

spring things

 photo zara frill yellow dress_zpshhqxpa0w.jpg photo jo malone_zpsfmhocdba.jpg photo edited-asosjumper_zpsza8zwuql.jpg
 photo zara-frill-yellow-dress_zpszp9ayovx.jpg
 photo flowers_zpsoo5ocxz8.png

Hello you! It's been a while since I last posted, so for now I thought I'd ease my way in by sharing a few things I've been lovin' this spring...

Aside from this song that's been stuck in my head for weeks now, I've become a bit of a frill seeker clothes wise recently. I fell in love with this Zara dress while on a Tatty Devine lookbook shoot and even though I wouldn't usually go for this colour and cut, I was completely smitten. I wore it for the first time this weekend, it certainly was the perfect weather for it! The pale green Asos ruffle jumper has been my most worn thing since I treated myself to it last month - I'm now eyeing up the white version too!

Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir is a pretty special fragrance for me - I nabbed a mini bottle from my mum's Cologne Collection and wore it on my first date with Rob in December '14... and I've been wearing it ever since! The mini lasted until my birthday last year before Rob surprised me with the full size bottle. We both love the rich, spicy aroma and the memories it evokes of the early stages of our relationship, I know I'll love this scent for years to come! I recently gifted my mum to the Lime, Basil and Mandarin cologne for her birthday, so after freshly brewed coffee, this is one of the first scents I smell most weekday mornings!

Despite now living in Putney, most weeks I pop back to my old neck of the woods, Battersea, to pick up some fresh flowers. My two go-to spots are Battersea Flower Station and Steve Morgan Flowers - if you're after a beautiful bouquet or an endless choice of plants, the flower station is the place to go, and if you want a vast range of blooms on a budget, definitely pay the lovely Steve a visit! If you fancy a good chat, you're guaranteed to get that at both too.

Jazz xx

20 February 2016

the true secret of happiness

Say hello to my dress of William Morris dreams! 
When House of Hackney first launched their William Morris collection, I became completely obsessed with this dress and just knew it had to be mine. After popping by their flagship store for weeks and months on end to see if they had my size in stock, I had well and truly given up hope on owning this beauty. Good things really do come to those who wait, as on Black Friday they gave me a call to say it had finally arrived in my size with 20% off! Bursting with excitement, I met Rob after work and practically skipped to the store to try it on - I loved the dress just as much as the first time I saw it. It was clearly meant to be.  
Spending nearly £200 on anything, let alone one item of clothing, is a pretty big deal for me, however to this day I don't regret my decision at all. I wore it for the first time on mine and Rob's one year anniversary, so it really does hold a special place in my heart and is something I know I'll treasure forever. After all, Morris once said "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful", and this dress certainly is both.